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Respect and trust are owned


If we want to be respected and trusted we need to give it and earn it.

Nowadays some of the most important values or principles like respect, trust, loyalty have lost an important place on society, so many people say that they want to be respected and trusted, from my point of view they are more interested on getting attention and they´ll do whatever they need to get that attention, they can be disrespectful, rude or even betray someone.

This is the biggest mistake, looking for attention, wanting to fit in and even when we´re all looking for that if we do it the wrong way it won´t help us get to far in life. If we seek respect, trust and loyalty and we work on giving and showing them first then we can earn the respect, trust and loyalty we will be accepted and get attention that last longer.

When we lose respect, trust and loyalty it´s almost impossible to gain it back, it takes years to earn it and build a relationship based on them but it takes minutes to lose it all.

Relationships are key for everyone, the quality of our relations dictate how far we will get in life and how much we will accomplish. There are people who don´t consider respect, trust and loyalty to be important so we can be sure that they don´t trust us, respect us and aren´t loyal, being with them is only a waste of time because we never know when they will betray us. Avoiding them is best but it is hard if they are friends or family.

Instead we need to find a group of people that value the same principles as us and build relationships based on respect, trust and loyalty and keep those ones close because no matter what happen they will be there for us.

In order to gain respect, trust and loyalty we must give them and show them first but to be able to give and show respect, trust and loyalty to others we need to start with ourselves, it all starts with us. If we do not have self-respect we can´t respect others, if we put ourselves down, if we´re not able to take responsibilities for our mistakes or if we´re not accountable to ourselves we lose confidence and the lack of confidence in ourselves will make it so hard to show and give respect to others.

A good way to start is by treating everyone as if they are the most important people we´ve ever met and by making everyone feel important, showing that we are interested on them and on what they have to say, listen to them with the intention to know more about them and understand what they are saying and why. Keep our commitments and promises, if we know we won´t be able to do something then don´t say it and if for any reason we commit to a project and we are not able to make it on time talk with the people involved and make sure to get it done as soon as possible otherwise we´ll lose credibility, respect, trust.

We cannot forget that our actions speak louder than our words if we say how much we respect or trust someone but our actions say something completely different people won´t believe us which is a red alert for people to not trust us.

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