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Harmonize Fitness

Relationships matter


Have you asked yourself the impact that the people around you have in your life? How does your closest friends, family, classmates, teachers, coworkers, boss impact your decisions and shape your life?

You may have listened that we are the result of the 5 people we spend most of our time with and whether you belief it or not it´s true. We all want to fit in and for most of us it´s really hard to stay true to who we are, to our values and believes so we let the people around us shape our decisions, we behave  and follow what they do so that we´re accepted but if we´re not surrounded by the right people this will have a negative impact on our life.

Our closest friends and people around us can dictate our health, finances, relationships, our lifestyle can be dictated by the people around us if we let them just because we want to fit in so most of our choices are based on the people around us.

We can all achieve amazing things in life and live a happy, successful and fulfilled life but the people we spend time with, our relationships will determine or at least have a huge impact on whether we live the amazing life we deserve or not and the reason for this is mindset, routines and lifestyle.

As we go through life we go through highly stressful, painful, though situations this happens to all of us there´s no way to avoid them and in this moments our relationships can help us go through those difficult times or they can break us more. We need real strong relationships that we can trust and lean on when we need to, and we also need to be there for others when they need us more.

When we talk about a successful life we will only get as high as the people around us, if we spend most of our time surrounded with mediocre or average people we will stay in that level and the principle reasons for this is that we´re not surrounded by people who want to get to higher levels, we´re not surrounded by people who have a mindset of improvement, progress, getting better, keep learning and there´s nothing we can learn from them that can take us to the next level. When we´re surrounded by average and mediocre people and we share with them our idea of success, of living a better life and looking for a fulfilled life they may support us in the beginning but once we start getting results they will try to bring us down.

It´s so hard to reach new levels if we´re not surrounded with the right people, true friends that you can count on, the ones who have been there in those hardest moments and also the ones we may have some disagreements but there´s respect, acceptance, loyalty who have the same values and principles that can create an amazing relationship that includes healthy competition where we challenge each other to improve, to progress, to make our best and create great things.

We need to consider that we all have different values and beliefs, we´re all interested in different things so to make sure that we develop great relationships we need to make sure that the people we want to be around with are those who have the same values and beliefs and that we have something in common, this doesn´t mean that we need to agree in everything and we won´t, what this means is that we enjoy or like the same things and that even when we disagree there´s a level of respect. We know there´s something we can learn from them every day and we´re challenging each other to improve and progress on our own goals and projects, we don´t need to have the same goals but we can still help and support each other to become the best version of ourselves and to keep getting to higher levels.

I need to mention that from the people close to us, our closest relationships we may find someone who is at higher levels than us, they will help us get to those higher levels and continue succeeding, they are the ones we can learn from, there are some who are at our level this may be the ones we spend more time with because we feel comfortable, we´re going through the same kind of lifestyle the problem of spending too much time with them is that we stay in the same level and there are the ones who are below us and this can be dangerous for us because if those people don´t want to succeed they will try to pull us down which is the dangerous part so we need to avoid them but if they want to improve their lives and get to a higher levels then we need to help them so that they can learn from us, improve, get better and succeed.

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