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Reduce light as the sun comes down


We know that it´s important to get enough high quality sleep every night if we want to be as productive as possible the next day, if we want to perform as best as possible and also to maintain optimal health but there are some nights you just can´t fall asleep faster or when you wake up the next day you don´t feel rested. There are some strategies you can use to improve the quality of sleep and to help you fall asleep faster and one of those strategies is to reduce light exposure as the sun comes down.

You may have heard of the circadian rhythm or the internal clock of our body, this internal clock located in the hypothalamus receives direct signals from the eyes and with these signals it regulates our hormones, metabolism and sleep cycles. Just as nature has cycles, days and night we also have cycles and the more we work with the cycles of nature the more benefits we get. When everything is working in harmony, inside and outside the easier it is to maintain optimal health and a healthy weight.

When the circadian rhythm or internal clock gets out of sync it can cause different health problems like obesity and diabetes. It´s highly important that we get light exposure especially from the sun during the day and that we are in total darkness during night.

Before the invention of light bulbs and technology we used to follow the cycles of nature, we woke up as the sun rises and go to sleep as the sun comes down but with all the access to technology we spend hours late at night in front of screens which send the wrong signals through our eyes and the internal clock of our body gets out of sync.

We need to make sure that we´re sending the right signal to the hypothalamus so that it can keep all hormones on our body in sync and it also keeps our sleep cycles and metabolism working as efficient as possible.

We talked about melatonin on this post so we know that the release of melatonin is also triggered by sending the right signals, you may have thought about taking it as a supplement and you may not need it, you may have enough melatonin but you´re sending the wrong signal through your eyes so your body is not releasing it.

If we want all our body to be working as efficiently as possible we need to make sure that we´re sending the right signals, in this case through the eyes, light exposure.

Light exposure in the night has a negative impact on the quality and quality of sleep but it also makes it harder for us to fall asleep fast so even when the best step we could take here is to follow the cycles of nature and reduce light exposure as the sun comes down which is not possible for us thanks to school and our jobs we need to find other strategies. The goal in this case is to reduce the negative impact of light, for this there are 2 steps we can follow:

1.- Use amber glasses to block blue light

2.- Avoid the use of all types of screen that emit blue light, electronics like computers, laptops, cellphones, tv; etc at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

These 2 steps may seem so simple but they are effective, take those 30 minutes to meditate, practice gratitude or some breathing exercises and make it part of you sleep schedule to fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.

Try these 2 steps for a couple of weeks and let me know by leaving a comment on my Twitter and Facebook account the results.

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