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12 Positive thinking

Living a successful life is a lifestyle based on healthy habits, some of those habits include positive thinking and a positive attitude. Being positive improves every aspect of your life. When you live with a positive attitude you send positive vibrations and higher frequencies and the people around you scenes that and those frequency attract more of the same.

Our mind is always active, it never stops thinking the problem is that most of those thoughts are negative and to make that problem worse around 80% of those negative thoughts are the same of the day before. It´s a negative loop we need to stop.

Our thoughts create our reality, all of our thoughts create an emotion in our hearts and bodies and that combination of thoughts and emotions is what creates our life. If we spend most of our time thinking negative thoughts then we spend most of our time feeling negative emotions in our heart and that is the signal we are sending.

Positive thinking is something that needs to be practice, you just can´t say right now that from now on you´ll only have positive thoughts, your mind has been program to think about the worst case scenario and we´re bombarded with negative information on the news and social media because that´s what sells, it creates fear and our mind is attracted to that fear and that information to keep us safe, we need to survive.

In order to change your thoughts from negative to positive you need to be aware of them, every time you identify a negative thought just let it go, say something like “thanks for the information”, “next” also changing what you are doing in that precise moment can help you change to more positive thoughts.

We all have been day dreaming about an amazing life, do you remember how a bunch of positive feelings and emotions surrounded you? Think about someone you really care or something or someone you are really grateful of, once you have that image on your thoughts try to feel the emotion of gratitude and caring in your heart.

Have you ever be so excited for something? it can be a trip, a vacation, meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend, achieving any goal. Do you remember how that feeling of excitement felt? Bring back that feeling and emotion, if you want to shout, jump or do any other physical movement that goes with the excitement do it.

Once you are there try keeping those feelings and emotions for as long as you can, when you realize that a negative thought is wandering in your mind bring that excitement back, think about that person, project or vacation that make you feel excited, grateful.

Your attitude towards life plays an important role here, the only way to get amazing benefits is by making it a lifestyle if you live with a positive attitude, your thoughts are going to be positive most of the time and your emotions are also going to be positive most of the time, you can´t just think positive for 15 minutes and want to get all the amazing things you want.

We need to make positivity a lifestyle so you need to take some actions right now that are going to start making changes on the way you think and feel. Day dreaming and visualization are both a great option, stop whatever you are doing and create a mental image or a mental movie of the life you would want to live, do not put any limits, feel the emotions. Smile more, the simple act of smiling will make you happy.

For positivity to be part of our lives we need to train our mind and this takes time, repetition is key being positive one day won´t give you the best results, you need to be aware and stay in a positive state of mind with positive thoughts and positive emotions the entire time, at the beginning is difficult you need to conscious and aware of your thoughts and whenever you are in a negative state make the change to positive. With time you´ll be able to make positivity a lifestyle.

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