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Play the long game


Nowadays we want instant results, we´re looking for instant gratification so we are used to playing the short game which gives us results in a short period of time but this can be the wrong approach for some of us.

Are you willing to work hard for a long period of time and get a bigger, more fulfilling reward that last longer and is sustainable? If you want success that last you need to focus on the long game and stop chasing short term results.

What comes fast doesn´t last, easy come – easy goes. There are some people willing to do whatever they need to do to get what they want as fast as possible, you can see this in weight loss, you may have tried to lose weight and get in shape this way. You want to lose weight as fast as possible and the fitness industry takes advantage od this and they sell programs, supplements, magic powders and pills and that help you lose as much weight as possible in the shortest period of time but this is not a good strategy, this is why you are not able to sustain the results and they don´t think about your health either so all those programs and supplements end causing more damage to your health and body.

This happens not only in fitness but all projects and goals we have. At the end, this short-term mindset only creates more problems.

Slow and steady always wins the race. But, there´s a huge challenge with this it is harder than it looks, it takes a lot more time, work and effort. While everybody around you is looking for the shortcuts to get what they want faster you are working on building the base, you do not make decisions based on quick results, you take more time to make decisions and they all lead to great results, you always have your big end result in mind and you take really careful steps.

The most successful person and the one that is able to maintain a high level of success is the one that always focus on the long term and play the long game. They´re not interested on instant results or instant gratification, they are willing to work as hard as they need to for a long period of time to taste that huge reward.

This applies to all areas of your life, from financial, school and career, business, relationships, health and fitness.

Some steps you can take to start playing the long game are:

1.- Realize that looking for fast and instant results only lead to unsustainable results and can cause more problems. Realize that easy and fast success doesn´t last.

2.- Set a big goal or project that really scares you and make all decisions with that end big goal in mind

3.- Realize that playing the long game leads to sustainable results and a bigger reward

4.- Do not think about fast and easy results, focus on making progress every day.

5.- Break down your big goal into small activities you can do every single day

One last advice I can give you is, most people are looking for short cuts, the fastest and easiest way to achieve what they want, but this type of success doesn´t last so while most people are looking for this type of success that doesn´t last you are working on improving every single day and taking action building the base of the pyramid, building and constructing every level that leads to greater success that is build to last. So, don´t waste too much time watching what others are doing, instead focus on your big goal, follow your mentors and the people you can model and take action.

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