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Physical signs of stress

26 Physical signs of stress

We´ve all fell stress at some point, some of us live with chronic stress but not all of us know the physical signs which will make it easier for understand what our body is trying to tell us and we could act the best way possible according to each situation.

We know that stress is the response of our body to protect us and keep us safe in harmful situations, it´s the fight or flight response. When we are under stress we can experience some signs which can help us identify it and this is really helpful to know what we can do at those moments, some signs are:

1.- Sweat.- Some of us start to sweat or feel our hands sweating.

2.- Our heart rate goes up

3.- We feel tension in our muscles and body

4.- We feel nervous and start shaking

5.- We get anxious

6.- We over think

This are some of the most common physical signs of stress and we´ve all felt them more than once. One helpful tool we can use to be able to act the best way possible and to make the best choices when we´re in stressful scenarios is reframing the situation, don´t think of it as stress, think of it as excitement, the physical signs of stress and excitement can be really similar. This is what great people like professional athletes, leaders, CEOs do, they think about situations like this as excitement and by thinking this way it´s easier to stay in a positive state and find the best solutions.

If it seems impossible to reframe the situations then stop for a moment and take some deep breathes, breathing in an excellent way to calm down and bring you back to focus, after some deep breathes you will feel more relax and the tension in your body and muscle start to come down, at this moment you´ll be able to think of solutions and find the best outcome, depending of the situation you´ll also be able to reframe it so you can start seeing it as excitement.

This is easy to say ad hard to do, you need to have total control of your mind and body so that you can stay calm or calm yourself in any stressful situations and to reframe the scenario, with practice you´ll be able to change your mindset and link this physical sings as signs of excitement and not stress.

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