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Our lifestyle nowadays

03 Our lifestyle

I´m a huge believer that many of the diseases we´re dealing with today are the result of our lifestyles, our daily activities have been significantly reduced, an unhealthy diet, high levels of stress and social media.

Let’s talk about first our daily activities, we spend most of the day sitting, sitting in the car to get to the job, in a chair at the office, in the car once again to get back home, in the coach to watch movies or late night news. Many guys spend a lot of time in the couch watching sports and almost zero minutes practicing the sports or doing some type of exercise. It´s more enjoyable to watch the sport than to practice it, it takes the effort and pain out of your body.

Our diets are based on highly processed food, everything is grab and go, that is more convenience for us is better to solve problems in the short term but the consequences are bigger long term. All those foods does not have any nutrients, you´re just consuming a lot of calories with a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats and no nutrients so your body won´t function properly.

Stress also plays a big role on health and most of our day is stressful from the moment we wake if it´s late, through all the traffic to arrive to the school or the office, dealing with our coworkers, the boss or schoolmates and teachers.

Food is fuel for your body but it has become more a way to relief stress and to deal with negative situations. Highly processed food that is high in sugar and unhealthy fats has many negative effects on your body and lifestyle, it has no nutrients so your brain keep sending signals of hunger to receive the nutrients it needs to function properly, it keeps cravings high, all the chemicals added create addiction so it´s hard for you to stop consuming them and it releases dopamine in your brain which makes you feel good.

Have you realized that every time you´re feeling down, stressed, depressed or anxious you go for that bag of cookies, those donuts or bowl of ice cream? and you also go to social media? this is because of the dopamine response this unhealthy foods and social media create making you feel good and relax.

The reason why highly processed and fast food became the base of our diets it because it´s grab and go and it´s accessible, our lives nowadays are very fast passed and many of us don´t have time to cook and prepare meals or to eat at a good restaurant every day.

From the three aspects that have more impact on our health nowadays (nutrition, exercise and stress) if we focus on nutrition and exercise, the impact that this two will have on our health and overall life is great. Stress is a little more difficult to manage, some simple things you can do to reduce stress is avoid negative situations, negative environments and negative people, stop watching or reading news, spend less time on social media. If you are like me that doesn´t care about what others say of you and what´s happening around you and if you only focus on what you can do and not on what others are doing or saying you´ll live a more positive and happy life. This are simple things you can start doing today that will help you lower stress.

Stop eating unhealthy foods, all those sweets, junk, highly processed and fast food keeps you in an unhealthy cycle that is so hard to give up, the first step to change your life is avoid all those foods and eat cook meals prepared with real, fresh ingredients, just by doing this you´ll feel a lot better and your body starts to change and look better too.

Workout every day, focus on strength training, getting stronger lifting weight or using your own body. You need to be more active every single day, once you create the habit of working out you´ll see that there´s some type of activity that you like doing and that there´s something you want to improve, it may be in performance, endurance, aesthetics, use that as your motivation to improve and train every day.

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