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Our fears are not real

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How many times have you stopped to pursue a goal or continue with a project because of fear?

The fear we feel or think is not real, it´s created in our mind and it´s holding us back from achieving our goals.

Our brain seeks security, safety and comfort. The priority of our brain is to keep us out of danger so every time it feels that something is wrong then fear takes place so that we stay alert and we can act accordingly to get safe, it´s also lazy and it´s always looking for comfort so if we want to do something that takes any extra effort our brain wants to stop.

The problem is this, when we set a new goal our brain compares that new goal with experiences and situations we lived in the past and in most cases the result is that there is risk involved so fear sets in like fear of failing, fear of not being good enough and many more fears come in and we do not take action. Our biggest goals and achievements are on the other side of fear.

We all feel fear, we´re all afraid of something the difference is how we use that fear, if we let it take control of ourselves it will hold us back and we´ll never be able to get higher or achieve anything but if we take control of the fear and use it as the fuel to get started and keep going then we´re able to set bigger and bigger goals.

We need to train our mind to take the fear as fuel, we need to have control over the fear and not letting it control us, once we have total control over it and we can use it as the fuel we need.

What we want is to reframe the situation, reframe fear and have control of it so here are some steps to do it:

1.- Identify the fear.- It may be fear of failure, of what people are going to say or think, of losing everything, of being rejected, etc.

2.- Figure out where the fear comes from.- Have you tried it before and fail? have you lived a similar situation? does someone close to you lived something similar?

3.- Write your ultimate goal, your reward and the reason why you want to achieve your goal.

4.- Change the label of your emotions.- Fear and excitement have exactly the same physical emotions and responses.

5.- Stop thinking about it.- Over thinking creates a lot more problems and increases fear so just stop thinking, take deep breathes and do it.

The difference lies on how we think about it, the increased heart rate, sweaty hands, butterflies in our stomach, the reaction of our body is the same but if we think of it as fear we´ll programming ourselves to give up or not even start, if we think about it as excitement our mind changes completely and we take that excitement as the fuel and motivation to take action.

When we have a clear goal, a strong reason why and we feel excited about it no one can stop us, not even fear.

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