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Nutrition tools for muscle growth


Let me ask you a question, why did you decided to go to the gym and start working out? Did you wanted to lose weight and get in shape or were you skinny and wanted to gain some muscle and look stronger.

For most of us our fitness journey starts from insecurities, whether we are overweight and want to lose weight and get in shape or we are skinny, and we want to gain muscle. Whatever the case if we follow the right program, we can get obsessed with improving our physique which takes us to a research time to find the best tools to gain lean muscle mass without too much fat.

For some of us trying to gain muscle while staying lean can be hard to do, some prefer to go through a bulking phase where they can gain a lot of weight but if we don´t control the amount of food we eat we can end gaining a lot of fat and not much muscle mass and then we need to go through a cutting phase to lose all that extra fat.

Going through bulking and cutting phases is not the best way to do it for some of us so there´s one tool that can help us gain lean muscle mass without too much fat so that we stay lean and maintain a good physique and this tool is:

Carbohydrate cycling

This tool is great at helping us gain muscle mass while staying lean. Of course, this tool apply if we´re following a more balanced diet between protein, fats and carbs.

For this tool we have 3 different days, one high carb day, one moderate carb day and one low carb day. We need to fit each day according to our workout program, on days where we do resistance training, we go high carb, on days we do cardio we can go moderate card and on rest days we go low carb.

For high carb days we will be in a calorie surplus meaning that we´re eating more and those extra calories come from carbohydrates, this days the extra calories can go up to 500, on moderate days we also follow a calorie surplus but that extra calories only increase from 250 – 300 calories and on low carb days we eat at maintenance.

The reason why I said that on cardio days we can go moderate carbs is because on those days we can also go low carb or maintenance, it all depends of how our body responds and how we feel.

By increasing calories by increasing carbs on resistance training days we make sure that we give more energy to our body the days it needs them more and on rest days where we don´t use that much energy we keep calories at maintenance so that we don´t lose weight but we don´t gain weight neither. Cardio days are the ones we need to make more trial and error to find out if we need a little calorie surplus or if we can stay at maintenance.

Intermittent fasting

We´ve talked about fasting in other posts and all the health benefits and also how it can help us lose fat, but it can also help us gain muscle while staying lean.

The best way to use this tool is by fasting every day following an 8 hour eating window and 16 hours fast, the best option is to fit the 8 hour eating window around hour workout time, this way we make sure that we give nutrients to hour body the time it needs them more for energy for the workout and to recover after the workout.

If we combine this 2 tools we will get great results, but we need to be patient, it takes time to build muscle and if we try to speed up the results we´ll end gaining a lot of fat so slow and steady wins.

You need to consider that there´s not a best way to do it, this are just 2 strategies, but you need to try them and find out what works best for you.

I´ll to be honest with you, I don´t like following a certain program for muscle growth or fat loss for long periods of time, for fat loss I´ll lower calories for 5 to 6 weeks most and then do 2 or 3 weeks at maintenance, for muscle growth I´ll go 12 to 14 weeks in a calorie surplus and then reduce calories to maintenance for 3 or 4 weeks.

If you´ve tried to gain lean muscle mass but you gain too much fat a long the way let us know which strategies were you following by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account so that we can help you improve you food program to achieve the best results.

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