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Muscle growth and body composition


If you want to be able to lose weight, get in shape and sustain your results effortless then improving body composition is key and muscle growth is one of the 2 pieces of this puzzle.

Improving body composition means maintaining a healthy weight with the right percentage of lean muscle mass and body fat.

Maintaining lean muscle mass is important and needs to be one of our priorities, the more muscle we have the faster our metabolism works so it´s easier to lose fat and stay lean but it also help us avoid injuries and stay healthy. There are 2 most common ways we lose muscle; one is related to some diseases and the other is age.

As we get older our body goes through different changes and one of this change is the loss of muscle mass with this come a lot of negative consequences like loss of strength which lead to injuries and other health problems.

Making sure that we get in shape and maintain an optimal weight that considers the right percentage of body fat and muscle mass helps us look lean and toned and as I´ve said before it´s not necessary to get big. Making sure that we maintain muscle mass or build muscle mass to maintain a healthy weight is important to maintain strength so that we reduce the risk of injuries as we grow older. As we grow older we lose muscle mass and strength so by working out focusing on resistance training to maintain strength and give our body the stimulus it needs to maintain that muscle we make sure that we´re not losing it, this also helps us get through daily activities like lifting bags and boxes, pushing and pulling boxes, enjoying time outside in nature with friends and family.

I´ve heard some people say that when you reach a certain age, like 70 or 80 you are not able to gain muscle mass but this is actually not true, we can build lean muscle mass at any age if we do it correctly, we need to give our muscles the right stimulus to grow and we also need to give our body the nutrients it needs to grow muscle and we need to be on a calorie surplus, if we do those three points correctly then we are able to gain muscle at any age.

We want to maintain strength and get stronger, not only to maintain and gain muscle mass and this doesn´t mean that we need to get huge as bodybuilders, we maintain a lean and strong physique. Maintaining strength and muscle is important for maintaining optimal health and maintain optimal performance as you grow older, you want to be able to carry bags and boxes when you go for groceries, you want to have lean and strong legs to walk and move from one place to another.

The best way to maintain strength and get stronger and also to maintain and build muscle mass is with bodyweight and compound exercises, we can add some isolation exercises to work certain weaker muscles and gain more mass faster but the key is to get stronger in bodyweight and compound exercises, for this we need to focus on progressive overload (we´re going to talk about exercises variables and techniques in future posts) working on the 5 to 8 rep ranges with heavy weight. What we want is to lift heavy weight for low reps. 

When we focus on maintaining strength and getting stronger keeping body fat low we´re working on improving body composition, this helps us look great and it´s easier to maintain the results and keep improving. Any excess of weight including excess of muscle mass in unhealthy this is why our goal is to improve body composition and maintain a healthy weight considering muscle mass and body fat. We want to be lean and strong.

Our goal is to improve body composition and maintain a healthy weight that considers body fat and muscle mass percentage, but we not only want to look as great as possible we also want to make sure that our body and physique are useful.

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