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Mindful breathing to reduce stress

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Stop and breathe! Take a deep breathe…

You´re going a thousand miles per hour every single day and as we´ve seen on other posts the way we´re leaving nowadays leads to chronic stress so just stop and take some minutes to breathe.

When you get stressed, when you feel anxious, angry one of the best things you can do is breathe. This may seam so simple and you may be wondering how this could work or you may be laughing thinking it doesn´t work but, the positive results you get are outstanding.

Various organs on our body can go for periods of time without blood flow but the neurons in our brain only survive a few minutes. When you are under stress or feeling anxious your body is tensed and you are breathing faster and even harder, this heavy breathing leads to a decrease in blood flow.

When you focus on your breathing and are aware of it you can take control of your brain and the stress and anxiety lowers, when this happens you make better decisions or choices you actually feel more in control of the situation.

Mindful breathing has benefits for all of us in all situations, you can make it part of your daily routine. The only thing you need to do is close your eyes, relax all your body and start breathing slowly, be aware of your breathe, take a deep breathe in and out. Mindful breathing and mindful meditation go hand in hand, with mindful breathing you are focusing on your breathe and with mindful meditation you focus your mind on the present moment. When you are being aware of your breathe and making it slow you are also concentrating on the present moment. There will be times when your mind starts to wander, when this happens the only thing you need to do is bring your mind back to your breathing.

Studies show that mindful breathing and mindful meditations improves your brain and body. It also keeps your entire body and brain working together, in sync. When our body and brain and all the systems on our body are working in sync then physical and mental health improves.

Here is what you can do every night before you go to sleep to reduce stress which will help you improve the quality and quantity of your sleep which lead to a better day and a better life if you do it constantly:

1.- Sit down on a comfortable chair or a couch, or the floor or lie in bed (do not fall asleep)

2.- Breathe slowly through your nose

3.- Hold your breathe for 1 or 2 counts

4.- Exhale slowly

5.- Repeat for 10 minutes

While you are doing this exercise make sure that you are focused and concentrated on your breathe, stop all your thoughts and worries during this 10 minutes and just focus on your breathing. You´ll find out that it´s hard to maintain concentration on your breathing, when this happen, when you catch your mind wandering and thinking other stuff just bring it back to your breathe. It will take time for you until can go through the 10 minutes completely concentrated on your breathe. The more you do this exercise, the easier it gets and the more benefits you get.

Doing this exercise before going to bed will lower the stress of the day but you can also do it when you are under a stressful situation, when you feel anxious, angry the problem here is to be aware and actively stop before we react and taking a couple of minutes and take 4 or 5 deep breathes. You need to do this consciously which is really hard because most of the time we are just reacting. The next time you feel anxious, angry or any negative emotion or you are leaving a negative situation remember to stop and breathe.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter if you´ve tried mindful breathing before and what you noticed. In case you haven´t tried it give the exercise I share a try for a couple of weeks and let me know the results and how you feel.

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