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Meditation as a tool to reduce stress

10 Meditation as a tool to reduce stress

Sit straight and take a deep breath…, focus on your breath…, breathe in…, breathe out…, breathe deeply and slowly.

You may have heard or read a lot of meditation exercises as the one I mentioned, it can be just plain as simple as just breathing deeply and slowly which are actually focused on breathing techniques to calm your mind or they can get a lot more complex. Meditation is a tool to help you manage stress, specially chronic stress which is the negative one and have a lot of negative effects for your health.

There´s no way to avoid stress, it´s something normal and common that occur to all of us, while acute stress can be helpful and in some cases necessary chronic stress has negative consequences in our lives which we are seeing a lot more nowadays. Knowing how to manage stress how you can lower it down when you are in tough situations help you react better and make better choices.

We all talk about health and fitness and we workout every day or at least 5 days to stay healthy and while this is a great way to keep our body healthy we also need to train our mind and make sure it stay focused on what we want and avoid all negative thoughts, the way you can train your mind is with meditation.

Meditation has a lot of benefits for your health, physical and mental. It reduces tension, anxiety, worry, fear and thanks to this it helps you lower stress. It also helps you reduce and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions, focus on the present moment so that you can enjoy more every single moment you spend with friends and family, it keeps you calm and patience helping you think and have more control over stressful situations.

If you think about the mind-body connection and how being harmony is key to creating the life you want to live you´ll agree with me that you need to know how to keep everything working together and in harmony. Meditation is one of the ways to do it.

It has been practice for thousands of years in almost all countries and religions knowing that our thoughts play a really important part of the life we´re living. The fast pace times we´re living right now and considering that most of us spend most of our lives with chronic stress meditation is the best tool you can use to lower stress, stay calm and focused on positive things.

Negative thoughts keep our mind focused on the worst things that could happen to us in any situation so one way you can use meditation to lower stress is by eliminating negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

One of the reasons why it has become a go-to for many people is because you need nothing to do it and it can be done anywhere. If you don´t like to do it laying down or sitting in some Yoga positions you can do it by taking a walk. You can schedule 10 minutes of your day to meditate or you can do it whenever you are in a difficult situation, all it takes is a couple of minutes to lower your heart beat, reduce tension and stay calm and relax.

Taking everything personal and giving more attention and priority to things that are not that important also increases stress, we spend too much time focusing our attention in things we can´t do anything about and things that are not that important. Meditation helps you focus your energy and attention on things that do matter while taking all the other stuff out of the way, when this happens you are able to think better and get better results and what´s more important for you without over thinking and staying in a more positive attitude.

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