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With so many distractions and getting access to a lot of free information and programs it´s so hard to focus and master one thing.

If your goal is to succeed at something you need to focus on one thing and master it, become so good at it that you get to a point where you can solve any problem.

Becoming great at one activity of skill requires a lot of effort and sacrifice which is the reason why most people do not master anything. When you decide to become great and master one skill you will go through a long journey and that journey has a lot of ups and downs, especially at the beginning. When you start the journey you will feel excited and motivated but sometimes you´ll feel fear because you´re getting into a new world, a one you know nothing about, as you keep practicing and learning you´ll see that you go through different levels and on each of them you go through a period of time that is so frustrating, challenging, boring sometimes you feel like you´re not making progress these ones are the most challenging moments. If you can get pass those moments, you´ll reach the next level with a greater knowledge and understanding.

Time plays a huge role on becoming great at your skill but how you use that time is also an important part to consider. You want to develop discipline and consistency for practicing, if you only practice one day for 5 or 6 hours and you go 3 to 4 days or more without practicing you won´t make progress, it´s better to practice 1 hour every day but, if you can practice more then do it. The more time you spend practicing you will make more progress but, how you practice is highly important. If you practice the wrong way then you´ll learn mistakes that will create more problems in the future. You need to practice the right way if you really want to become great.

There are no shortcuts, many people want to find shortcuts and follow strategies that help them learn a new skill “faster” which in reality the only thing they are doing is develop bad habits. If you want to become great at something you need to spend the time and energy needed and do it the right way. Yes, it´s boring, stressful, overwhelming but at the end you´ll be amazed with what you can do.

Some steps you can follow are:

1.- Choose a skill you want to become great at, it´s better to choose one based on what you love or enjoy doing,

2.- Schedule a time every day to practice, it doesn´t matter if it only 30 minutes but you need to practice every day,

3.- Look for someone who is already a master on the skill you want to become great and learn from them,

4.- As you become better try to express yourself through that skill. You can also combine it with another skill you already know, try to put things together from different perspectives and angles.

To become great at one skill you need to put in the time and effort necessary, this means you´ll need to make some sacrifices maybe you will skip parties, birthdays, family reunions but if you are really focused on getting better and you practice every day you´ll see progress and that progress keeps you motivated to keep going. There will be days when you can only practice 30 minutes and that´s okay but, if you have days when you can practice an hour or more do it, do not lose any time. As you progress you´ll see that it´s easier for you to get creative and inspiration starts to flow easily, do not lose those moments instead use them to start creating your own work.

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