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Live your passion


How many times have you heard someone say to live your passion? Find your passion and live it. This seems so simple but for most of us it´s really hard and the reason why it´s hard is because this advice is not completely true.

From my experience and what I´ve read in books we don´t need to find our passion we need to find our purpose and work on it. Passion is the result of doing what we love, what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Most of us spend the first part of our life studying in school and then another big part of our life working in something we don´t like. We´re educated to have a 9 to 5 job that we don´t like, that keeps us with chronic stress for different reasons like doing something we don´t like, dealing with coworkers that make fun of us and talk behind our backs, bosses that only think about money and results, we don´t make enough money so we´re worried about paying bills, we spend hours on traffic every week just to get to the office on time and back home again, this type of lifestyle creates chronic stress that lead to health problems.

If we have the opportunity to do what we love we first need to find our purpose, what are we meant to do? I wrote a post to help you find your purpose which you can read by clicking here. Once we find our purpose and we start taking action towards it all of a sudden our life changes, we feel more energized, we´re happy all day long, we´re more positive and we start developing optimism, we feel better, our life improves in all areas.

When we get to this point we feel great because we´re living based on our purpose and we´re passionate about what we do.

One of the reasons why our life changes completely when we work on our purpose is stress lowers and this is a crucial part for health and improving our lives. When we love what we do we wake up every day motivated and inspired to keep working and we go to sleep every night fulfilled knowing we did our best. We no longer have to do work we don´t like, we don´t have to deal with people we don´t feel comfortable, we don´t have to deal with bosses that don´t care about us, we´re more focused on our work and improving which leads to personal growth and it´s easier to challenge ourselves and get out of the comfort zone because we are able to see an end result that motivate us.

We are more positive and optimistic which brings and attracts more positivity to our lives, we are able to enjoy life a lot more and is easy to merge work life with family and relationships which lead to building meaningful relationships which is an important part for being successful.

All this is the end results of a deep inner work, to find your purpose you need to go inside your mind, brain, soul and find who you really are. When you find your purpose you are reconnecting to who you really are, when you start working on that purpose, with time you´ll feel a sense of freedom you realize that there´s no one we need to prove, that we don´t need to fit in, life is way better when we work and do what makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

The hardest part is that we have responsibilities, we need to pay bills so finding ways to work on our purpose and make a living from it can be hard for some of us so what we can do is while we´re at school or job find time to start working on our purpose, this means watching less Tv, or any streaming service or even lose parties and social meetings, find ways to make a living from it and once we´re making a good income then try to scale the business. This is hard to do, it takes a lot of time and work and there so many things that go into creating a business based on your purpose but if you do it right the results are worthy.

Finding our purpose and working on it not only leads to passion for what we do and our lives, it leads to less regrets later in life. So it´s not about living your passion, is about finding our purpose, working on it and as a results we feel passionate for what we´re doing and we love our life.

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