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Listen more than you speak


Are you the type of guy or girl who prefer to remain silence and ask question to learn and understand more about the person you are talking with or do you prefer to talk and speak to get your point out?

In a world where everyone wants to get their point out, where we don´t like to accept mistakes and don´t like people telling us we´re wrong it´s so hard to learn to listen no with the idea in mind to answer or thinking how we the other person´s point of view down but with the idea to understand what they are saying and why.

There´s a huge difference between hearing and listening, when we hear we´re not paying attention, when we listen we´re really focused and concentrated on what others are saying.

This is huge problem I see nowadays, we all want to be right and it hurts our ego when someone says we´re wrong or when someone doesn´t agree with us. We get so mad and we may be disrespectful with the ones who disagree with us especially if they say we´re wrong but being disrespectful, being rude, lack of empathy and not trying to understand other´s point of view is just one of the reasons why we can´t build healthy relationships.

We all have unique stories, that´s one of the points that make us different so realizing that we don´t need to agree with everyone around us but we can try to understand their reason and we can respect each other´s opinion takes a lot of strength if we are only focusing on ourselves. When we´re in a conversation we need to be open minded and accept or at least respect different ideas and points of view. Having an open mind is a way to keep learning and keep our mind interested. Being open minded give us the ability to listen more than we speak and give our full attention to the person we´re talking with arrive to any conversation with the idea of understanding the other person instead of wanting to take our ideas across.

One of the many reasons why we don´t listen as much as we should is because we have a lot of distractions, when we´re with family or friends how much time do we spend on our phones checking social media? we have the time and opportunity to spend an amazing time with the people around us but we rather use our phone than start a conversation with the ones beside us. One simple way to listen more is to give the other person our full attention and not get distracted with what´s happening around us, especially our phone, we can all go one hour without checking on social media.

Another important reason why it´s better to listen more than we speak is to get information, when we talk we´re not learning anything new but when we listen we learn and we can get new ideas, we can always come with new ideas for our project or even new projects when we listen to others stories.

 We´ve all been through different situations and experiences that had lead us to where we are now and they create our thoughts and beliefs, we all have a unique story that make us who we are and this unique story is the reason why we have our own opinions and points of view.

If we want to understand other´s opinion and point of view we need to listen to their story, what they have been through and their experiences that lead them to think the way they do, in order to do this we need to listen more than we speak, it´s not about us it´s about them.

Listening more than we speak helps us build meaningful relationships by understanding the person we´re talking with and making them feel understood and that we care about them. There´s nothing more pleasant than seeing that someone is really interested on your story and on you in this world where everyone is so busy and no one has time to listen.

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