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Leave a legacy

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If we think about the reason or purpose we´re here it´s to make this world a better place, to help as much people as possible and to leave a blueprint that can help the people behind us.

If we have the desire to be remembered by our contribution to society or to the world we need to work on building our legacy, what can we do now to help as much people as possible and to make this a better world?

For me there are two important things here: what do we want to be remembered for? and what blueprint can we leave that will be of help for future generations?

When our time is over how do we want to be remembered? what do we want to be known for? we all have a limited time and we´re here to live our best life possible. People will remember us by how we treated them, how we make them feel and the impact we had on their lives, if we do good for people our impact will last. The more people we help the better not only for us.

Do we want to be remembered as someone kind and generous, always helping the ones around and making people feel important? Then we need to start being kind and generous right now, treat everyone with respect and attention and make them feel important.

What blueprint can we leave behind that help future generations achieve more than we did? For this we need to be clear on our values, principles and priorities. What´s most important for us in our life, do we want to leave a guide for success, how to be a great athlete, how to be a great musician or actor, how to live our best life possible.

We all have different priorities and interest, our life is like a book full of stories structured by chapters, every chapter can be a lesson for others to avoid our mistakes, even when we all need to go through challenges and fail there are some failures and mistakes that can be avoided, this is why autobiographies from great people are a fantastic we take some of their ideas or experiences and apply them to our life in certain situations.

Our purpose help us leave a legacy, our purpose is the reason why we´re here, what do we love doing, what we´re good at and how can we help as much people as possible, when we find our purpose and work on it we live a meaningful and fulfilling life that will leave a blueprint behind for others to follow and will also helps us be remembered in the way we want.

By working and focusing on our purpose we focus on the things that matter, we spend most of our time doing meaningless stuff, we´re just busy but not productive, it seems like we´re doing a lot but we´re actually not making any progress and not getting results. When we think of our purpose as a way to live a meaningful and fulfilling life for us by helping people and making this a better world and also as our way to leave a legacy we get motivated to do what we need to do, we start working toward results and stop wasting time on activities or stuff that doesn´t matter.

Share with us the comment section how do you want to be remembered and what are you doing every day to make that happen.

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