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Is practicing sports a good option for weight loss?


Most of us are living a life full of unhealthy habits, we eat so much processed foods, we are very sedentary, we don´t get enough high quality sleep and we have high levels of stress. Considering this then sports are a good option for weight loss.

We´ve mentioned before that weight loss is not as simple as calories in and calories out or eat less and move more. Even when weight loss is not only about calories you do need to be on a calorie deficit, but what you eat also plays a huge role on how your body uses the food you eat and energy in general.

Since you need to be on a calorie deficit then any type of physical activity will help you lose weight, we spend hours sitting in front of a computer or on the couch watching tv or in the car to travel to the office, school or home so if you practice any sport for 30 minutes a day you´ll not only lose weight (considering you are eating a little less of the right foods), you´ll also get benefits that will help you improve your health.

Some sports may be better than others and this depends on what you like or enjoy doing, your skill level and the risk of injuries. I won´t recommend football or soccer or any other sport where you use your head to hit the ball or when you can get hit in your head for any reason.

There are exercises that can be better for you according to your goal, resistance exercise is a must to build lean muscle mass and some type of cardio is necessary too. Both resistance and cardio are key to maintain optimal health and increasing physical activity throughout the day is also important.

There are some sports, most of them that I you want to get better at them you need to get stronger, you need strength and power so you need resistance training for this which is great because you can design you resistance workouts to improve on the sport you´re practicing.

One of the best sports or the ones I like the most to improve health in general and this also includes your brain is tennis, you need to focus and coordination to be able to hit the ball. Table tennis is great for your brain but it doesn´t require as much physical activity but you need a lot of focus and coordination.

We also need to mention that the weight loss journey may be hard, you´ll go through some mental and emotional stuff that make the journey hard and if we add to this that you need to exercise, that you´re eating less and that you need to focus on certain foods it gets harder so practicing sports with someone who supports your goal is a great way to keep you accountable. It´s always good to have someone you can not only exercise with but to spend time together whether it´s a friend or family. We all need to have strong relationships and for some of us spending time with someone we care about while exercising is a great way to motivate each other.

Practicing sports is also a great way to improve our team skills, sports are very competitive and if it´s a team you need to work on your relationships to make sure that everyone is working as hard as possible with the same goal in mind, this requires a lot of communication in and out of the field, this connections improve life in general. It improves mental health, reduce stress, increase confidence.

Sports do help you lose weight is you are on a calorie deficit but they do more than that, they help you maintain optimal health physically and mentally. So if you can practice any sport once or twice a week go for it, practice it with the idea of having fun and having a great time, if you´re not a professional athlete or player being too competitive can take you the wrong path especially if you´re practicing with someone who only wants to have fun so do it as a way to increase physical activity and have some fun.

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