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Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

28 Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle

Most people are only interested on weight loss so muscle growth is not their priority, some of them don´t even care about muscle but it´s important.

Even when most people say that it´s not possible and for very good reasons there are people proving that it is possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

From a mathematics and science point of view losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is impossible because you need to be on a calorie deficit to lose fat and on a calorie surplus to gain muscle, you need to be on a catabolic state to burn fat and on an anabolic state to repair and build muscle but it´s impossible to be at both states at the same time.

Your body is not in one state all day long so you can manipulate them with training and nutrition to be able to burn fat at some part of the day and build muscle other times of the day or some days you can focus on building muscle and other days you can focus on losing fat both in the same program.

My goal is to improve body composition this means increasing muscle mass and lowering body fat but is it possible to do it at the same time? My answer is it depends on you, doing it is more complex and requires more discipline, if you want to achieve amazing results the simple way to do it is to use carbohydrate and calorie cycling meaning that you´ll be on a calorie deficit some days and on a calorie surplus other days luckily you´ll be giving enough nutrients to your body when it needs to recover and build muscle and you reduce food some days to burn fat.

If you want to improve your body composition by losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time your cardio training, resistance training and nutrition needs to be set properly giving the same importance to this 3 key factors. Cardio will help you lose the fat, resistance training will help you build muscle and nutrition will help you get through the workouts while losing fat.

A calorie deficit is a most to burn fat but if you go to low in calories you won´t be able to get through the workouts and get stronger with time which is progressive overload to be able to gain muscle, you only need to eat a little more if you eat too much you´ll end up storing the excess as fat.

The type of cardio and the amount can have a positive or negative effect on your gains, if you do too much cardio it will block your gains, if you don´t do cardio you may find it difficult to burn fat.

Resistance training is a most to gain muscle, and make sure that you are progressing every time you work the same muscle. It´s all about being better every day and keep challenging yourself.

Some people can gain weight while on a calorie deficit by focusing on getting stronger, using a tool called progressive overload you ensure that you keep getting stronger at every workout which leads to muscle gains.

Burning fat and building muscle at the same time is so hard to do, unless you are a beginner, people who have been sedentary or haven´t follow a resistance training program and who eat unhealthy foods will burn fat and gain muscle at the same time but for people who are more experienced it´s so hard to do and for some it may be impossible so focusing in one goal at a time is the way to go, if you have too much fat to lose focus on losing fat and getting lean, then you can focus on muscle growth while staying lean.

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