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Harmonize Fitness

Is it more important to achieve a goal or the journey?


The short answer is, we can´t deny that they´re both important but the journey is key.

How many of us want to lose weight for any reason, it may be to improve our health or because of insecurities. Some of us may have health problems and in some cases losing weight is necessary otherwise those health problems will keep getting worse. For others the reason why we want to lose weight is because we don´t like the way we look and feel, we feel terrible about ourselves, we don´t have confidence, we´re not living the life we want to live so we want to improve.

There´s a reason why the journey to any goal is hard, in the case of weight loss, we´ve been following unhealthy habits that lead us to where we are now and the moment we start making changes it´s uncomfortable, we go through mental and emotional stuff and we also go through physical pain, a good pain that gives our body the stimuli to change and this is hard. That journey is key to develop the habits we need to maintain our results and keep improving but also plays a huge role on training our mind. If you are strong enough mentally then you´ll get through whatever challenge appears on the journey until you reach your goal.

Weight loss is actually simple, I know you´ve heard time and time again that famous advice “eat less – move more” and yes you do need to eat less and move more but people won´t tell you the other part of the advice. How can you eat less and move more when you feel tired and hungry all the time? That advice is only based on calories which won´t fix the root problem, the root problem is on your hormones so when you fix your hormones first then weight loss is really simple and easy.

You achieved your goal and now what? This is the reason why your weight loss journey is probably more important than reaching your goal. The journey is key to make sure you develop the habits you need to keep the weight off and keep progressing. If you have weight to lose this means that you´ve followed unhealthy habits for years so it will take time to lose that weight and if you want to keep it off then you need to develop healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Those habits include exercising every day, getting high quality sleep every night, following a strategy to lower your levels of stress and a healthy diet. Through your journey you work on tools that help you improve your sleep, lower stress, finding ways to exercise every day and eating healthy. When you reach your weight loss goals most of the changes and the actions you took to achieve your goal are now habits and routines. Those new habits and routines are now part of your life and as you keep doing them you´ll find it really simple, easy and enjoyable to keep the weight off.

The journey also helps to develop a strong mindset, as we mentioned before for any goal you want to achieve there are some changes you need to make, there´s some action you need to take and those actions will take you out of your comfort zone making the journey way more challenging, as you keep moving forward you´re getting stronger mentally so when you reach your goal you feel more confident not only because you look way better physically but because you know you went through so many challenges and you overcame every single one of them.

Every time you achieve your goal you´ll see that there´s always something you want to improve. Once you reach your goal you may look in the mirror and find something you don´t like about your body, about yourself, something you want to improve always searching for perfection. This is normal to a certain point, most of us will never be completely satisfied with our body so we set another goal to improve that muscle group or to lose a little more fat, to get bigger, etc. but if you´re not aware and if you focus a lot on being perfect this will create more damage. None of us are perfect so the goal is to be the best we can be and be comfortable with our achievements if we know we give our all.

As human beings we are goal achievers, if we don´t set goals and we´re not motivated then life gets boring, when we set goals we direct our mind and concentration to one single target, and the journey is what makes us grow physically and mentally.

Start now setting a goal you want to achieve, it doesn´t need to be around fitness and health you can set goals for all areas of your life, do you want to lose weight? Or gain lean muscle mass? Do you want to write a book? What a about that project you´ve been postponing?

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