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Is food addiction real?

15 Food addiction

Are you addicted to food? Do you let food control your life? or you have control over what you eat? If you can´t control what you eat, if you can´t stop eating that cookie or donut or if you feel like you need to eat those sweets and junk food then you are addicted to those foods.

Now let me tell you that you are not alone, there are millions of people with this same problem and I was one of them, another point I want to get clear is that it´s not your fault. Stress, depression, anxiety and other emotions can trigger your need of this foods because they act like comfort food, they create a sense of pleasure and companies add some chemicals to create addiction and make you want more so you´re dealing with 2 factors that make it so hard for you to stop eating them, this is the reason why you can´t stop it.

If you are addicted to this food it´s a vicious cycle and it´s so hard to stop it, you need a lot of willpower to stop for a second to think and realize what you´re doing when you already know that those foods are bad for you, take a step back and choose a healthy option or just go away without it. Sometimes you´re doing it unconsciously because it´s a habit, it´s part of your life and you don´t even realize what you´re doing until you ate half of the package.

If you´re trying to lose weight this is a big problem because hormones like insulin are triggered making your fat loss harder. If you have a lot of weight to lose chances are you are insulin resistant this means that you body is not efficient using sugars, to be able to lose fat you need to be insulin sensitive and the way to do it is to avoid all this junk foods.

Now when you want to stop eating this foods you´ll notice it is so hard to do, you feel like you are starving or depriving yourself which is why you can´t stick to a very strict low calorie diet that eliminate all this foods plus some other healthy foods making it harder.

The best way to do it is to substitute foods, we´re dealing with two problems, first the pleasure respond this foods create on your brain and the addiction they create from the chemicals added, so you can start by substituting with foods that give nutrients to your body but also that get you satisfied and gives you a sense of pleasure making it easier for you.

Foods like almonds, nuts, pistachios and all different almonds are a great option, you can also have some cheese, look for the ones that are low in carbohydrates, plain yoghurt whole fat versions are also a great option always look for fresh options on your local market.

Developing new habits and changing your lifestyles takes time, if  you´ve been eating unhealthy foods for years it may not be possible for you to eliminate them from one day to another unless you have a really strong will power. There´ll be meals when you eat that cookie, the cake or that chocolate, don´t get obsessed with it just move on, if you realize that you´re making a bad decision half way through the donut just let it down and move on, choose a bunch of almonds for your next meal, take it one meal at a time.

Now another thing you can do is stop focusing on the mental battle you´re going through when you start developing good habits and focus on what you´ll gain, it feels great and amazing to have the body you always wanted, to feel healthy and energized and to be able to sustain that healthy lifestyle and that amazing physique without any diet, just by eating meals cooked with healthy products and you have the freedom to try many different dishes from around the world.

When it comes to health and fitness goals this can be two separated goals, it´s clear that if your nutrition program is based on sweets, junk, processed and fast food you´re not healthy even if you are skinny. It may be possible to lose weight eating this unhealthy foods but it´ll be harder.

Your body needs nutrients to function properly and if you are exercising daily to lose weight or reach any other fitness goal you need more nutrients to recover, repair and build muscle tissue or sustain fat burning.

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