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Is breakfast really dangerous?

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I´ve heard a lot of people say that skipping breakfast is really dangerous for our health while other claim that having breakfast is dangerous and unhealthy. My opinions is that our choices for every meal are the ones that make it healthy or unhealthy.

Some new studies and research shows that it can be dangerous to have breakfast other studies shows that it is the most important meal of the day, a healthy pad to a great day and a great life. This are just myths created by the food industry to make you and I buy and consume their products. What companies want is to get money and the way to get money is by selling their products creating awesome marketing campaigns that convince us to buy and consume.

The problem is not breakfast, the problem is processed food in general, if for breakfast your having some cereal with milk or yogurt or some toast, fruit juice, maybe a bagel, or hot cakes with a lot of cream and marmalade; for lunch you go to any fast food restaurant and have a burger with fried potatoes and soda and for dinner you have some pork with sausages, pasta and mashed potatoes and for snacks you have some chocolates, candies or healthy bars then most of those meals are unhealthy not only breakfast.

If you have a healthy breakfast like some eggs with veggies cooked with olive oil, for lunch some cheese quesadillas, some chicken or fish and for dinner chicken, fish or pork with a big salad and guacamole things change. Even when you are having breakfast you are making healthier choices, you can have breakfast as long as it´s healthy.

What I found of this studies is that breakfast is based on high processed, high sugar and high refined carbohydrates and this makes  insulin goes high, every time you eat insulin raises and if you are having high carbohydrates or high sugar meals it increases even more which can cause diabetes on the long term, and most of those food contain many different chemicals as conservatives and trans fats to make the food taste good.

Other studies show that breakfast is related to overweight if you skip breakfast you´ll be overweight or obese and if you continue skipping breakfast it will be impossible for you to lose weight. Some others say that having breakfast will help you stay more focused and active during the day performing better and feeling more awake, being less irritable, and many other things related so you are making a bad decision for your day and your health when you skip breakfast.

In most meals you are consuming mostly empty calories and many chemicals which puts your health in risk it´s not only breakfast if you focus on giving nutrients to your body every meal it doesn´t matter if you have breakfast or not, you can have lunch and dinner or breakfast and lunch the goal must be to have healthy nutritious meals.

The solution they give for this is to avoid breakfast which is one option considering your other meals are healthy, another solution is to make healthy choices, if you have different options to choose from for 3 meals a day chances are that you´ll make better choices, it´s so hard to eat healthy when it doesn´t taste good but there are a lot of healthy recipes on the internet or books which you can use to create your own healthy meals.

Is it better to have breakfast or skip breakfast?

This type of studies and the awesome marketing strategies of the companies are doing a great job but don´t believe all that information, there are also some studies and research that shows that skipping breakfast is not as bad and that it has benefits to your health and with many studies showing different results, giving different recommendations where most of them are completely the opposite is what makes you doubt the information and it makes it hard to know what´s best.

There´s nothing wrong about skipping breakfast or having it, if you are hungry in the morning then have breakfast if you´re not hungry then skip it, it´s not a big issue. Whether you have breakfast or not focus on making every meal as healthy as possible which is what really matters, avoid process foods and lower carbohydrates, also avoid hidden sugars. It´s more important to give nutrients to your body in every meal, that´s what matters, what you eat will have a huge impact on your overall health and therefore on your life.

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