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If it fit your macros (IIFYM)

21 IIFYM if it fit your macros

If it fit your macros has been popularized as one of the easiest diet plans to follow but is it the best?

It all comes down to your goals, your priorities and how you set your diet, some people use this type of diet as a way to consume and fit in more junk food into their diets without feeling guilty, for others it´s a way to eat their favorite candy or chocolate every day.

I won´t argue that following this diet you´ll get results and you´ll achieve your goals, if you track your macronutrients intake and you make sure you hit them, despite if all those nutrients come from healthy sources or junk food.

The problem with this diet is that you need to understand how things work at a more advanced level, you can´t stay with just the basics. Knowing and understanding how each macronutrient work is key to making any diet work for you, if you do it the right way it can be the best diet for you giving you the best results, being more flexible and making it sustainable which is what we´re looking for.

If it fit your macros is a diet design to give you more freedom but it doesn´t mean that you can make space for candies and junk food, it´s still focused on what matters most which are macronutrients, if you decide to fit some candies and junk food to fit your macros all those foods are also called “empty calories” so yes, you may be hitting your macronutrients but you are not giving nutrients to your body.

Nowadays many people who say they follow this diet prefer to fit in some cookies instead of spinach. Consider candies and junk food as treats that you can eat but not everyday not even if they fit your macros.

Making your meals healthy, natural and nutritious most be your goal, IIFYM is designed to give you more freedom on the foods you eat and have social life. The quality of the foods you choose have a great impact on your mood, energy levels and focus, if you prefer candies and junk food over complex carbohydrates like oatmeal you´ll feel an spike in energy followed by a crash.

You need to know your calorie intake and set macro ratios, you need to have a clear idea of portion control to know what you are eating at every meal. Choose healthy food like eggs, beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds, oatmeal, rice, veggies and fruit.

If you love fitness and love going to the gym you may have heard of this diet, it´s popular in bodybuilding and it can help you achieve your goals easier by making your diet more enjoyable but there are some points I don´t like about it. The original idea of why the diet was created is great, it focus on what matters which is macronutrients instead of just calories, you´ve heard me before talking about why it´s better to count macros but the problem I see is that most guys use this diet as a way to make space for junk, processed and fast food without feeling guilty and when you say them something they come with the same answer “it´s ok, it fits my macros”.

IIFYM is great tool you can use to make space for a snack, a piece of chocolate or cake, one meal at your favorite fast food restaurant or have more freedom when you are eating out with friends and family but it´s not a way to fit as much unhealthy food as you want.

It can help you have a cheat meal while sticking to your macros and being able to stay in track with your goal, if you use it this way then you´ll be hitting your macros and calories every day even on your cheat day which makes your journey a lot more enjoyable.

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