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Identifying different stressful situations

29 Identifying stressful situations

We all go through stressful situations at different times of our lives, but most of us don´t know how to deal with them so that it doesn´t have a negative impact in our lives and health, the problem is that for each situation there are different steps we can take because not all stress is equal.

Some of us tend to use stress and pressure as if they´re both the same but this is wrong we first need to identify if the situation we´re living is stress or pressure and then we can act accordingly. We can use pressure in our favor, this is a high level of stress that if we know how to manage we can make it work for us. There are stressful situations that we can´t use in our favor and the only thing we can do is know how to deal with it so that it doesn´t affect us negatively.

In most cases when we´re under stress we don´t have control over the situation, there will be a results or an outcome but there´s not too much we can do and we don´t have too much responsibility of those results. Stress usually comes from an external factor, it may be at work or school, at the supermarket.

When we´re under pressure it means that our performance will have an impact on the results and outcome. Pressure usually comes from inside, we get anxious and nervous because we don´t know if we´re going to meet the expectations.

The first thing we need to do is ask ourselves if there´s something we can control or if we have some responsibility in the situation. If we don´t have control and there´s nothing we can do then that´s stress so what we need to do is lower stress, we can do this by meditating, breathing and journaling. Journaling is a great tool to take all the thoughts out your the mind, meditating bring us back to the present moment and increase our awareness and breathing help us calm and relax our body and also improves our decision making.

If you are under pressure and the end result depend on you then you need to ask yourself what you need to learn, what new skills you need to acquire or if you don´t need to learn new skills identify the 3 to 5 most important tasks you need to do. In every project there are tasks or activities that are highly important and that give us the best results while other activities are not as important. Identify those 3 to 5 activities and focus on them first, in most cases does activities are the one that are harder, more complicated and take more time but are the ones that give us greater results and once we´ve done with them almost 60% to 80% of the project is done. Focus on those.

Different situations require us to act in different ways so identifying the situations first is key to know what´s the best we can do to get the best results. Our mindset plays a big role in the end results and the journey, when we have the right mindset is easier for us to find solutions and whatever we need to do also gets easier. Sometimes the journey is tough but if we have a clear vision of the results we´re looking for it´s easier to stay focus, our nutrition program and sleep habits will also have a big impact on our performance and how we deal with any stressful or pressure situation.

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