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How we think about stress is how it will impact us

23 How we think about stress is how it will impact us

We all tend to focus more on the negative stuff, it´s easier for us to talk about negative news than positive, I see this in the people around me from family, friends and neighbors and also from people all around the world when I read the comments on Youtube videos, Instagram and Facebook post and I completely believe that what we think and believe is what we attract, this is the same for stress.

If we think and believe that stress is harmful and dangerous for our body and health then it will get us sick, if we think about it as a challenge or as a way to get stronger or learning something then we can get the most out of any situation.

I used to think and believe that stress is bad, it can cause harm to our health and body and it´s one of the causes of some diseases but for me there are 2 types of stress, according to research we can divide it in more which we´ve talked in other posts but to keep it simple let´s stick with good stress and bad stress.

If we think and if we believe that stress is harmful and that it can make us sick then stress will make us sick, if we think that stress is part of our lives and we need to know how to deal with it or how we can use to our favor then we will get a positive effects from it. There are studies that show that the people who thought that stress can get them sick were the ones that got sick by stressful situations.

From the 2 types of stress if you believe that bad stress can get you sick if you don´t know how to manage it then you will get sick and this is what I´ve been talking about, most of us don´t know how to deal with this bad stress and when we keep stress high for long periods of time that´s when things go bad.

We need to know how to manage bad stress so that we can take some time every day to lower stress and we also need to know how to act in stressful situations so that we can make the best of every scenario without negative consequences.

Many of us think that all stress is bad, even good stress and some of us get more stressed by only thinking about it, in many cases our thoughts and believes are the ones causing a lot more problem and creating any situation as bad as we can possibly think off.

How we think of stress is how it will impact us, when we´re dealing with bad stress if we think and believe that there´s something we can learn from that situation or if we accept that things can go wrong sometimes but that will help us grow then the outcome will be a lot more positive, we are able to think better and get the best result possible. If we think and believe that everything is going wrong, there´s no way out, if we keep asking ourselves the wrong questions like why is this happening to me? then we can´t think and the results will be negative.

When we´re dealing in a situation of good stress and we think that we need it to learn, to grow, if we take is as a challenge then we´re more motivated to go through it and end with a positive results than if we think that we´re not going to make it, or that it´s too much.

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