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How we respond to stress makes a big difference

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We´ve all been in stressful situations and all of us respond or react differently to the same situation, how we react to it makes a huge difference on how our body process the situation and stress.

The first point that we need to talk about is our beliefs about stress, if we have a negative relationship  with it thinking that stress is harmful and it will make us sick then there are a lot more chances that we get sick, if we realize that some stress is good and is necessary and that there´s also bad stress but we can always respond to it the best way possible then the impact is different.

Changing believes is one of the hardest things to do, we need to reprogram our mind but that change is the one that´s going to give us the most amazing results. Every single day our subconscious takes control of us, most of all the activities we do are based on program and beliefs running in our subconscious.

If we install in our brain the belief that there´s good stress and it´s actually helpful the way we look at situation change and in many cases we make any situation or experience worst than it actually is by thinking on the worst case scenario, this is normal our brain always think about the worst results but we can change that by being aware of it and finding all the positive results and outlooks but this takes time.

Since we need time to change our believes and think in a positive way there are some steps we can follow whenever we find ourselves in stressful situations. The first thing we need to do is stay calm in the middle of negativity, stress, chaos, it may not be possible to walk away from it so we need to know how to calm our mind and body.

Here are some techniques you can use:

1.- Breathing techniques.- When we are in a stress full situation our heart rate increases, adrenaline increases, we are more alert. Stop for a moment and take some deep breathes to calm down, focus on your breathe and take your mind to the present moment, to this for a couple of minutes and then make decisions.

2.- Think positively.- Don´t let your mind start creating all kind of negative outcomes, instead take control of your mind and think of every positive outcome you can imagine and figure out ways to achieve those outcomes.

3.- Take time.- Do not make decisions when you are living though times, if you can take a couple of hours before you decide, in those hours meditate or do some breathing exercises, physical activity also helps.

Controlling the way we respond takes time, and we won´t be able to change it from one day to another, we need to start with small steps every day, we all get angry or annoyed even with small situations we live every single day while driving, in the supermarket, etc. When we are in any situation that stress us just stop and take a deep breath, don´t make the issue bigger than it actually is.

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