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How we react to stressful situations is key


Life is hard, and we all go through very difficult and stressful situations. There are so many things and stuff that we need to go through each day and if we don´t respond the best way possible to each situation or if we don´t manage the way we respond those stressful situations can get out of control and lead to mental health problems.

We´ve mentioned before that it doesn´t matter what we´re living right now, where we are or what situation we´re going through there´s always something outside of our control and there´s something we do have control.

It doesn´t matter what we´re going through we always have control over how we respond to each situation and our emotions. There are some situations that may not be positive, they may not be what we were expecting and they are actually negative, if we´re involved on an accident or if received a bad news, or the project didn´t work out the way we wanted. If we just react in that moment without thinking and analyzing everything going on then chances are we´re going to make the situation worse.

Our perspective on each situation we live matters and also our values, we go through many different situations every day and many of them are not that really important, we give too much attention to minor stuff that does not deserves any amount of attention and we just bring them up, we give them attention and even react in a very negative way that only increases stress and it shifts our day to becoming a bad day. This is really common when we´re driving to the office and someone cut us in a really aggressive manner, but nothing else happens, we can make the whole situation worse by starting shouting a lot of stuff against him even when he/she is not listening. This only sets our day in a negative way.

When you take a step back in any situation to give you some time and space to breathe, to calm yourself down and think then you can react the best way possible. Once you are calm and thinking you can ask yourself if that situation is really important, does it really matters, is it going to make a huge difference a week, a month or a year from now, if it´s not then forget it. If it´s really important think about all the negative outcomes and all the positive outcomes, what´s the worst thing that could happen and what´s the best thing that could happen. What´s the best thing you can do now that is not going to make the situation worse?

It doesn´t matter what goal we set, or what project we´re working on life will get in the way, we´re all going to receive bad news in the moment we least expect, we´re all going to go through bad situations and at those moments our brain will focus on the negative, the negative outcomes, the worse thing that could happen and we react in a very negative way even rude and disrespectful which only increases the levels of stress and anxiety.

Most of us let external issues control how we act and how we feel, if we´re not in control of our emotions, our thoughts in normal situations there´s no way we can take control of our emotions and how we respond in stressful situations that require a lot more time and space to calm and think so that we can respond the best way possible.

It doesn´t matter what we´re going through there´s always something we can control, and that´s the way we respond to each situation, by how we respond we can make the situation worse, it can stay neutral or maybe we can make it a little better. For this we need to be able to be in complete control of our emotions and actions, we need to be masters of them, we need to be able to remain calm and be able to think. Sometimes the best we can do is nothing, do not react, do not respond. Just breathe and stay calm, this is simple said than done, remaining calm under stressful situations is so hard to do but sometimes it´s better.

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