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How to use intermittent fasting for fat loss

20 Intermittent fasting for fat loss

For the past years intermittent fasting has been increasing popularity, some say it´s a great tool full of benefits while others claim it´s really dangerous for your health. From what I´ve learned on all the research I´ve done it has amazing benefits for health, it´s been used for spirituality for many years, I´ve used for different reasons and the results are amazing.

I´ve published one post about intermittent fasting which you can read by clicking here, today we´ll see how you can use it for fat loss.

Intermittent fasting is an eating schedule, the windows I prefer the most are 16 hours fasting and 8 eating hours what this means is that I have all my meals in an 8 window period and I fast for 16 hours, this is the one that fits best my days.

With this tool you´ll be eating for a period of time and you don´t eat for a longer period of time, for fat loss it is better that you only have 2 meals per day the best option is to have lunch and dinner and to skip breakfast. It is easier to skip breakfast because our morning are very fast paced so you don´t need to stressed out having a healthy breakfast when you are running late for school or your job and in the mornings there´s always so much to do between meetings, projects, important stuff, appointments so it easier to stay in a fasted state until lunch.

If you feel hungry in the morning during your fasting window you can have a piece of fruit but is you can skip and go all the fasting window without food that´s the way to go, you can have one or two cups of coffee, it will make your fasting easier and keep you focus.

You are only having lunch and dinner so you need to make sure that those meals are as healthy as possible and that they have the right amount of macro nutrients, if you´ve never tried intermittent fasting before you´ll see that those 2 meals are bigger compared to 5 meals spread throughout the day. Having 2 meals gives you the opportunity to eat more and enjoy food more than having 5 meals per day. You still need to focus on portion control, you need to be in a small calorie deficit otherwise you won´t lose fat the advantage with intermittent fasting is that since you are only having 2 meals a day, those 2 meals are big so you don´t feel like starving yourself.

The first days and weeks you do this is hard, you will feel hungry in the morning during your fasting window but with time your body gets use to it, following some type of ketogenic diet makes it easier to stay fasted thanks to the amount of healthy high fats, I´m not saying that you need to go keto, if you prefer a more balanced diet with carbohydrate, proteins and fats just make sure that the meals are cooked with fresh ingredients and you can add healthy fats to each.

Try to schedule your workouts around your meals, exercising before dinner can be a good option for some, when you workout in the afternoon after school or your job it helps you reduce the stress from your day, it helps with sleep and then you have dinner to give your body the nutrients it need to recover.

If you workout in the morning before school or work it is difficult to stay fasted because exercise can increase appetite so if you can´t train in the afternoon you can train at night just consider this. What you can do if you´re working out in the morning is that you can change your fasting schedule, you can have breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. If you decide to have breakfast and dinner skipping lunch you won´t be following a 16 hours fast, 8 hours window but it´s not a big problem you´ll still get results.

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