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How to use carbohydrate cycling for fat loss

22 Carb cycling for fat loss

I know so many people who want to lose fat and get in shape and they want to maintain the results and do it effortless. As I´ve said before, it´s possible for all of us to get in amazing shape and sustain it and there are some tools that can make it simple for us, one of those tools is carbohydrate cycling.

For fat loss our workout needs to be focused on resistance training to maintain as much muscle as possible, we need to be working with weight at least 3 days a week and the 4 left days are for cardio, for nutrition we already know that we need to be in a calorie deficit which means that we need to eat less.

If we go to low in calories for a long period of time our body thinks that we are starving so we plateau and stop losing weight, if we keep the same amount of calories every day for a couple of months our body adapts so it´s possible that it adapts to do the same activities with less energy and as we keep losing weight we need to keep reducing calories accordingly.

Carbohydrate cycling help us to keep changing calorie intake weekly by having low carbohydrate days, moderate carbohydrate days and high carbohydrate days. The reduction of calories come by lowering carbohydrates, but for this to function we need to structure the carbohydrates days according to our workout program, on days when we do resistance training we will have moderate carbohydrate, on cardio days we have low carbohydrates and we can choose one day for high carbohydrate.

If we have a workout program where we do resistance training 3 days per week, we have 3 days of cardio and 1 rest day, we will have high carbohydrate days on the 3 days of resistance training, moderate carbohydrate on the 3 days of cardio and low carbohydrate day on rest day.

For high carbohydrate day if you can keep your total calories, or set your macronutrient ratios at maintenance that´s great, from there you reduce carbohydrates on moderate days, around 400 calories less and on rest day 500 calories less. Does less calories come from carbohydrates. Keep your progress and look at your weekly results, if you need to lower calories more, do it, but don´t go to low.

If you have a busy life like most of us and your goal is just to get in amazing shape and sustain it then this tool may not be for you, here you need to set macronutrient ratios and focus on being them as accurate as possible which takes more work, effort and time specially at the beginning. Intermittent fasting may be best in this case making everything simple.

If your goal is more serious and you want to get lean, this tool works great, carbohydrate cycling is just about changing the total calorie intake every day by manipulating carbohydrates which our body use as the principle source of energy, and it keeps the body guessing.

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