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How to start losing weight when you feel tired and hungry


If you´re tried to lose weight before you may have listened to the most common advice we all know “eat less – move more” but for some reason you just can´t stop eating and you´re too tired and your body hurts to start doing any physical activity. You´re not alone this happened to me too.

Most weight loss programs and fitness experts or gurus focus on the calorie formula for weight loss, this is where the “eat less – move more” advice comes from. If you eat less and you move more you´ll create a calorie deficit that will lead to weight loss this is why most programs want you to count calories or points, the problem is how do you eat less and move more when you feel hungry all day, when you feel tired and your body hurts?

Even when calories do play a role on weight loss they´re not our main focus. Weight loss is the result of your health, if you have weight to lose it means that your hormones and metabolism are not working efficiently so this is what we need to focus on. By focusing on improving hormones and metabolism you make sure that they work properly as they´re supposed to and in a couple of days or weeks you´ll find out that you´re not hunger all the time, your cravings decreased and you don´t feel tired you actually feel more energy and more motivated this makes it easier to stick to any program so you lose weight consistently and when you get to your desired weight you´ve already developed the habits you need to maintain those results so it´s effortless to stay on that healthy weight and keep making progress while enjoying life a lot more.

Here are the steps you need to take to start losing weight, this steps or strategies focus on improving hormones and metabolism so that you don´t feel hungry so you are able to eat a little less and start adding physical activity on a daily basis:

1.- Eliminate all sugar from your diet.- Insulin is an important hormone when it comes to weight loss, if insulin is high you won´t lose fat so you need to keep insulin low and the way to achieve it is by eliminating sugar. Sugar also causes addiction and cravings so when you eliminate it you´ll go through some hard days of cravings, make sure that you stay away from it and in a couple of days you´ll feel great.

2.- Eliminate processed foods that contain unhealthy seed oils.- This seed oils also create a lot of problems and have a negative impact on your hormones and metabolism making it a lot harder for you to lose weight.

3.- Make sure you´re getting enough protein and healthy fats.- Heathy fats and protein like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, beef, lamb, pork, whole eggs help you feel satiated and full for a longer time making it easy to keep cravings and hunger controlled.

4.- Keep carbohydrates low.- Carbohydrates do spike insulin so if you want to have some carbohydrates make sure you keep them around 30 grams max. And make sure those carbs are healthy options like potato, rice, oats, corn tortilla.

5.- Take a 10 minute walk in the morning before breakfast and a 10 minute walk after dinner.

You´ll need discipline to follow this strategies the first days or weeks but as days go by and you keep following it you´ll start feeling better, you have more energy and less hunger so you feel more motivated to keep going.

The reason why this steps are hard is because you need to eliminate the foods that create addiction and make you feel good, the foods you crave. This foods disrupt your hormones and metabolism so you need to break that addiction and stop the cravings and give time to your hormones and metabolism to start working properly, once this happens it becomes easy to lose fat and start exercising to build a lean body.

Follow this steps for a couple of weeks and let us know how you feel by living a comment down below and on Twitter your results, how you feel?

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