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How to set goals and achieve them


So many people talk about the importance of setting goals, but why is it that we all have goals and we all dream with living a certain way and still most of us do not accomplish most of our goals and dreams?

We all have dreams, we all dream with that amazing life we would want to live but most of us don´t really think it should be possible, what if we take those dreams of how we would like to live and write them on a piece of paper with dates of when we want to accomplish a certain project or by when we want to buy that new car or house, and we create a plan of action and then start working on it every single day?

There´s not a big science on setting goals, it´s all about creating the discipline to take action every single day, to know what you need to do knowing that every day you are closer to accomplishing your goal if you work on it. If you want 100% results you need to give 100%.

The most important step on setting goals is to be really clear on what you want, you can achieve or accomplish whatever you set your mind to, the reason why you need to be really clear on what you want is that you give clear instructions to your brain on what to look for and when your brain knows exactly what to look for you´ll start getting ideas and seeing options that you´ve never seen before, this is because with a clear idea your brain is focused on looking for everything that can help you accomplish that goal and it shows you every idea, or options that are out there.

Those ideas an options were there before but you didn´t see them because your brain was looking for other stuff that seemed to be more relevant to you and if you weren´t clear on what you want then you´ll get all this different ideas and options that may not be related.

All of us are able to focus on one target as long as we´re clear on what we want, if we´re not clear then we don´t know what to look for or what to work for. When you set a goal you have a clear image of what you want to accomplish, then you take that big goal and break it down into smaller goals, if you have a big goal you want to accomplish in one year take that big goal and break it down into smaller goals you need to accomplish in one month and one week. Once you have those small goals you need to accomplish per week you can break them down into small activities you need to do every day.

Set big goals, goals that make you feel afraid and that take you out of your comfort zone, but be really clear on what you want and then just take that big goal and break it down, you don´t need to know exactly what you need to do, you don´t need to know where to start, the moment you set a clear goal your brain will start giving you answers and ideas, you can look for someone who´s already done what you want to accomplish and find out what she or he did, learn from people who have already achieve your goal and you´ll keep coming up with ideas until you know what you need to do.

An important point to mention is that you may not have the same opportunities, possibilities or equipment that the people you´re learning from had, you may have more options and opportunities or you may have less, you need to figure out ways to be effective and efficient with what you have. If you don´t have all the skills you need figure out which skill is going to give you the best results and get you farther and learn that one first, if you don´t have all the tools or equipment find out the one that is more useful, the one that will help you get more done and get that. Find ways to do the best possible with what you have right now.

Any goal you want to achieve comes with some sacrifice, even for the smaller goals, you need to push yourself, the reason you break your big goal into smaller ones is to make sure that you are pushing yourself and challenging yourself to reach a goal that you know you can accomplish if you work on it, if you do what you need to do every day. If you set a goal that´s to big and you don´t give yourself enough time or you´re not prepared for big goals then you´re setting yourself for failure and that failure will hold you back and probably you´ll stop working on your goal thinking you don´t deserve it. It´s not that you don´t deserve it, it´s just that you set a huge goal and you didn´t give enough time to yourself.

When you set smaller goals and you reach them you get a sense of accomplishment, your confidence increases and every time this happens you get mentally and physically stronger for bigger goals, as you continue you get momentum until you reach your bigger goal.

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