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How to maintain your results during Holidays!

29 How to sustain your results during holidays

When Holidays arrive most people get anxious about how are they going to maintain their current weight and weeks before they follow a strict low calorie diet to lose some weight so on Holidays they give themselves permission to gain weight.

Some guys or girls try to limit the food they eat making it hard and breaking emotionally and mentally, it is hard to stick to a diet program on Holidays when there´s delicious food everywhere and you are surrounded by family, friends and people you love and care about. Other guys do 2 or 3 hours of exercises on Christmas and New Year to burn the excess calories.

The biggest mistake is trying to achieve any fitness goals during this season because it is so hard to follow a nutrition program and for some guys it is almost impossible to workout which make things more complicated. The only thing you want to focus is on sustaining your results, maintaining your weight or physique by not getting obsessed with it, just relaxing, enjoying and having a great time.

For some guys and girls this time of the year is the opportunity to spend some time with their family and they want to make the best out of those moments, there´s no reason you need to get stressed and obsessed with gaining weight that alone could actually make you gain more weight.

My advice is to eat whatever you want on Christmas and New Years Eve, relax and have fun those 4 days, if you take the first two days to eat whatever you want as much as you want you have some days in between where you can do some form of fasting, lower calories or lower carbohydrates. If you´ve been following a diet low in calories or low carbohydrates this days can actually help your body.

If you don´t want to stay away completely from your nutrition program you have two options, first you can stick to the meals, the main dishes cooked with fresh ingredients and you can avoid the cakes, candies and junk food. This option sticks more to my approach to fitness where you´re limiting most unhealthy food and eat traditional dishes.

The second option is if you want to try everything eat smaller portions, try to make all small portions for the first time and if there´s something you like and want to repeat feel free to do it, for cakes, sweets and junk I would stick with just one portion of each and I would repeat some of the main dishes.

If you follow some simple tools I´ve been sharing with you, you don´t need to stress out during this season, relax and enjoy the time, if you see it´s actually some few days the ones where you can overeat and eat whatever you want, if the rest of the days you avoid junk and processed food there´s nothing to worry about. If you have the opportunity to do exercise do it not only to burn the extra calories but to keep you active and in great mood.

If you have access to a gym or you can continue training you can use this season to gain lean mass, around October and November the amount of food we eat starts increasing and to gain muscle you need to eat more so if you are training the right way you use this to your advantage, on Holidays and special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year eat as much as you want, the rest of the days you can cycle your calories specially cycle carbohydrates so that you don´t gain a lot of fat, try to make it a clean bulk, you can increase frequency on training which is a great tool to gain muscle so you have the opportunity to enjoy the season eating more. Even when you can eat more, don´t go crazy or you will end up gaining a lot of fat.

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