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How to improve body composition


We´ve talked so many times about why our ultimate goal is to improve body composition which means losing body fat and gaining muscle mass to get a lean and toned physique that goes according to our gender, height, etc.

There are 2 ways we can achieve this goal, one is to focus on one goal first, if we are overweight or obese we lose fat first and then we gain muscle, if we are skinny we gain muscle first and then lose some fat. The second option is to work on both goals at the same time which is harder to do and take more time, this option is better for someone who has some fat to lose but not a lot and who needs to gain muscle, someone who’s current physique is between skinny and overweight.

Most of us want to see some results as fast as possible otherwise we lose motivation and try something else which is actually the biggest mistake but considering this the best option is to focus on one goal at a time, first lose fat and then gain muscle or first gain muscle and then lose fat, the only reason for this is to get results faster. Most of us use the scale to see our progress and even when it´s not the best option we continue paying a lot of attention to what it says. When w e focus on one goal at a time we will see results in a couple weeks and if we follow the right program those results show in the scale, the mirror and clothes.

Some people on the industry say that it´s impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, from what I´ve seen it´s not impossible, for someone new to the gym it´s simple and for someone who has been training for a long time it is harder but that doesn´t mean it´s impossible. If we follow the right workout and nutrition program we will get results but it takes a lot more time.

Creating a good program that helps us improve body composition requires to consider the most effective techniques for muscle growth and fat loss and use them in a way to complement each other.

As we know for fat loss we need to be in a calorie deficit and for muscle growth we need to be on a calorie surplus, this is why most experts say that it´s impossible but if our nutrition program goes according to our workout program we can do it .


1.- Focus on resistance training and work on both types of hypertrophy,

2. Add HIIT cardio and increase physical activity throughout the day.


1. Make sure that we´re getting enough protein which is the most important macronutrient for muscle growth,

2. Cycle calories by using an strategy called carbohydrate cycling, we keep protein and fats the same every day and we lower carbs some days and other days we increase carbs.

On resistance training days we increase carbohydrates to get a calorie surplus and on cardio days we lower carbohydrates to get a calorie deficit. We can lower carbohydrates just to maintenance but it all depends of our results and how we feel.

Losing body fat and gaining muscle at the same time is more complex but it can be done it requires a really well created program and the results will vary according to our training experience.

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