Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

How to get started


I woke up today inspired and committed to start my fitness journey but with so much information, a lot of it contradicting, so many lies and myths I ended overwhelmed and not knowing what to do.

I didn´t know how to start…

Every time I was about to start a traditional weight loss program I didn´t need to think about creating the plan I already had it so I only followed it but this time is different, I need to design a fitness program based on everything I´ve learned, I have no program just a tone of information, so the best thing to do is keep it simple and old school, this means stick with the basics.

When you are out of shape it´s been a long time without any physical activity that can be consider exercise so it´s so hard to get up and do it, at least the first weeks. So knowing that getting in shape and stay in shape is more about habits than anything else so the first thing to do is developing good habits.

For this you need to schedule 1 hour of your day for exercise, the best time to workout is in the morning I wake up and take some time to breath and visualize my goals then I workout after exercise I can continue with my day otherwise I find it really hard to concentrate and stay on track for the entire day.

The goal here is to develop the habit of working out every single day, there will be some days when you don´t feel like getting up and exercising, this are some of the challenges you need to go through just stop thinking about all the negative excuses you don´t want to exercise and get up. Don´t think about, just do it.

In most cases people don´t want to get up and exercise because they hate the workouts or routines which makes it harder for them to find motivation. I´ll give you a lot of different tools and workouts you can follow and all of them are completely different to what you´ve seen and hopefully they are a lot more fun. I will share with you different programs so you only need to follow them, all of them are complete and use the 5 principles of fitness. If you still don´t like them you need to find out something you like to do for resistance training and cardio training.

The first weeks are always so hard because you are making different choices so your mind wants to take you back to your old habits and choices and the way to take you back it through all kind of negative believes and excuses, here you need strong willpower to get out of bed and workout or to stay late after your job to exercise if you are working out late night.

To make this starting phase a lot easier you can take it one step at a time, if you´ve been lazy for a long period of time and your diet is based on unhealthy processed foods the first step is changing your eating habits, take 1 or 2 weeks to focus on foods, eat meals cooked with real fresh ingredients (I share nutrition tips and tools you can use on the nutrition section of this website) and avoid unhealthy foods. Then in the 3 week stay with step 1 and add exercise it can be only 20 minutes per day (I share with you a beginners program in the programs sections of this website) and keep increasing time or intensity. The for the third step you can which can be at week 5 you can add a breathing technique to reduce stress and get better quality sleep every night.

What would you think and say if I tell you that getting in great shape and sustain it is actually simple and effortless?, you don´t need to follow strict low calorie diets, you won´t be eliminating your favorite meals (although you´ll need to avoid sweets, junk, processed and fast food) and that you don´t need to get obsessed with the scale or counting calories.

Let me tell you that it´s possible and that´s what all this website is all about, share with you all the information you need, the truth about how things work and the tools you need to use to get in the best shape possible and sustain it and , it´s simple, but not easy. You need to put the effort.

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