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How to get back on track on your weight loss journey


Were you following a weight loss program or diet and for some reason you got out of track and now you don´t know how to get back on track?

If you´re going through this hard phase of your weight loss journey the first step you need to take is know that you´re not alone, this is normal it happens to almost everyone of us. We start our journey so motivated and then life gets in the way and something happens that make us take the wrong decision, we skip a workout, we eat some unhealthy food, we overeat and the worst part of all this is we feel guilty and like a failure which is the worst thing we can do.

You are human and you´re not perfect, accepting that you´re going to make mistakes but you can move on immediately is the best you can do. The weight loss journey is not an easy one because of all the mental and emotional stuff you go through some days will be incredible and you´ll find it easier to exercise and to stick to your diet but you´ll also have days when you don´t feel like exercising and chances are you skip your work out that day, you may have a lot of cravings and you end giving in to them, maybe you over eat. All this is part of the journey, we all go through good days and bad days, what we do on those bad days is what makes the difference.

If you´ve made a wrong choices by skipping exercise today or you ate something unhealthy you were not supposed to have or if you over ate on your last meal here are some steps you can follow:

1.- Stop negative self-talk.- If you made a wrong choices and you feel guilty and blame yourself stop doing it. Stop feeling guilty, stop blaming yourself, stop saying that you don´t deserve it all that negative self-talk will lead to more wrong choices and will keep you in a negative cycle that is hard to stop.

2.- Accept that you made a wrong choice and move on, do not give it more attention, time and energy just accept it and move on, think about your next choice whether it´s your next meal or exercise routine think about giving the best.

This 2 steps can be helpful if you´ve just made one wrong choice and you are confused and overwhelmed, you have mixed emotions but you´re still on the right track, you haven´t given up completely so at this point you just need to accept that mistake and move think on your next choice and keep your eyes on your ultimate goal.

If you have given up the program completely and you´re thinking about the best strategy to get back on track here are some steps that can help you:

1.- Analyze your program.- Take some time to analyze and think if your program or diet you´re following is right for you. There are so many weight loss programs and diets based on counting calories or points and exercising to make sure that you eat less and move more, those programs will give you results in the short term but will do more harm to your body and you´ll get to a point where it´s impossible to stick to it.

2.- Take it one step at a time.- If you´ve been eating unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle for the past years it will be hard to change your diet completely and start any weight loss program. Instead focus on small changes you can do daily and be consistent with them.

3.- Do not get obsessed with it.- Getting obsessed with losing weight can have a negative impact on your results, it increases stress which makes it harder to lose weight.

The best thing you can do is make sure you have the right program for you, this program needs to focus on improving your health, making sure that your hormones and metabolism work properly and that you don´t feel hungry and tired all the time so that you do have the energy to exercise and you can eat less. You need to make sure that your diet is simple and flexible so that it is sustainable and your exercise or workout routine is an activity you like or enjoy also to make it sustainable.

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