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How to develop the right mindset for weight loss


Weight loss is simple, but not easy. You need to eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough high quality sleep, keep stress low and also develop the right mindset to help you do all the other four.

Weight loss is more about mindset than any other thing, your body can achieve what your mind is set to do. Your mind is what keeps you going and pushing hard when your body tells you to stop, your mind will keep you making the right choices even when hunger and cravings  appear.

Weight loss is hard because you do have to eat and exercise more, to make this a little easier you need to eat the right foods to improve your hormones and metabolism so you don´t feel hungry and tired all the time but there´ll be times when you feel hungry, when you would love to eat a little more and the right mindset is what´s going to stop you from eating more, that right mindset is what´s going to get you up and exercise even if you don´t feel like working out, it will make you take some time to meditate and relax so you can keep stress low.

In short, developing the right mindset will keep you on track through all your weight loss journey, until you reach your goal and develop the habits you need to maintain those results effortless. For this to happen you need to train your mind the same way you train your muscles, it won´t be easy but it´s worthy. Once you´ve develop the right mindset you´ll be able to achieve any goal you set for all areas of your life.

The first step is accepting that starting a weight loss journey is going to be tough, there are so many things you need to change, the more bad habits you have right now the harder it will be so accepting that some days will be harder than others and knowing that you can still push yourself and make good choices if you´re following the right strategy will lower some anxiety and stress.

The reason why most people are not able to lose weight and keep it off is because they focus on calories and points, they follow the “eat less -move more” advice and they don´t consider hormones and metabolism which are the ones keeping you tired and hungry all the time. If you follow the strategies I share with you it will be easier for you to stick to the diet and exercise program because we´re focusing on hormones and metabolism, we´re making sure that you give your body the nutrients it needs, that you feel satisfied and full for longer and that you have energy.

Now, self-talk plays a huge role, what you say to yourself can keep you going or can take you out of track. If you say to yourself that you´re losing weight because you´re fat, obese or overweight; because you don´t like the way you look, because you hate the way you feel and look, because you hate your body that´s the wrong message and the wrong mindset. The reason why you´re starting your weight loss journey is because even when you have some weight to lose and you don´t feel your best now, you know you deserve better and you know you can do better. You love yourself and you want to live your best life possible so you´re making the changes necessary to feel and look great, to have the energy and motivation you need to work towards your dreams.

You eat the right healthy foods to give your body and brain the energy they need to maintain optimal health, to support you fitness goals, to feel and look as best as possible and to make sure that you can maintain focus and hard work on the projects you´re working on in all areas of your life. You exercise whether it´s going to the gym or at home because you want to get stronger and faster, you want to build that amazing physique that is useful outside the gym, that help you perform as best as possible in any daily situation. You get enough high quality sleep to make sure that your body can recover and get ready for the day to come, also to maintain optimal health and make sure that all hormones and systems on your  body work efficiently. You meditate or do some breathing exercise to keep stress low.

You make the decision to lose weight and keep it off because you know you deserve better and you know you are capable of achieving your goal and improving your life.

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