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How to deal with stress at work

21 How to deal with stress at work

A couple of years ago I had a 9 to 5 job  which I hated, I hate being behind a desk all day and following orders but what I saw in those 6 months is that most people arrive with some levels of stress from traffic (even when they arrived early or on time) or other stuff that went bad before getting to the office and by 5 or 6 o clock when it´s time to sign and go home we are all stressed because of the job, meetings, and coworkers.

Finding ways and tools to lower stress in the morning or before going to bed is great but knowing how to deal with stress at work makes it easier for us to keep stress levels low. The way to deal with stress at work is related to our mindset and thoughts because most stress is caused by what someone say or do so the first thing we need to do is not taking things personal, if someone is disrespectful or aggressive with you understand that it´s a reflection of them, or they´re going through some difficult times and they´re taking all their anger and frustration with you or maybe they´ve always been rude so just take it as there´s something going on in their lives and don´t take it personal.

The second is to give the importance it deserves to each person or project, sometimes we give too much attention to a negative comment or some action someone did against us, overreacting increase stress more than the actual comment or action so if it´s not a big deal just move on.

The biggest problem I´ve seen in most jobs is that the environment is so negative and tense, the CEO and bosses are only focused and worried and numbers and results and they treat their people terrible and the employees are worried about being fired.

This is the reason why we´re not efficient at our job and in some cases we can add that we don´t like our job but when numbers, data and money are more important than us stress takes a big part of our life and it´s making us sick.

When we work in a place where we don´t feel important, where we feel that our job doesn´t matter, where we don´t feel safe and we are constantly worried about not getting discounts in our next paycheck and we´re worried about being fired stress stays high every day. Creating a more positive environment at the office is the best thing for all of us the problem is that this is very hard to do.

Creating a positive environment at our company needs to be a team work and we all need to be more interested on our teammates than on numbers and results, if we take care of each other if we make everyone around feel great, if we support each other things start to work out in a more positive way, we are more focused and more efficient, we get more motivated to go to work every day which in the long run makes a positive impact on the results.

Is all about making everyone feel important, making everyone knows that we´re all important, that what we do and that we matter, being kind, being more open and interested on the people around is what brings the best results. It all starts with one person, it all start with us so the message and actions start to spread throughout the company.

Working in a company where we feel safe, where we feel and know that our job is important, that are important, that our job matters and that each of us matter reduce stress so much, this is how things must be.

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