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How to deal with challenges while keeping stress low


We all face challenges and in fact we need some challenges in our life, those positive challenges help us grow and achieve things we first thought were impossible, that´s what life is about facing challenges and achieving our full potential but there are some challenges that will increase stress and can cause problems in all areas of our lives. Those unhealthy challenges are the ones we´re going to talk about today.

It doesn´t matter if we have a 9 to 5 job or if we decided to start our own business or if we are still at school we will face some challenges every now and then, maybe our teacher let us a huge project that represents a huge challenge or our boss chose us as leaders of a project, starting a business also represents a huge challenge and it doesn´t stops there, we can add to this accidents, injuries, diseases, health issues physical and mental, new home, new school, grief, divorce, unemployment, death of a loved one, etc.

The way we respond to each challenge is what determines if it has a positive or negative impact on our health and life, in most cases any challenge that aligns with our purpose or is related to something we love or enjoy then it´s easier to have a positive attitude and mind-set which leads to a positive result, when we face a challenge with the right mind-set knowing that it will help us grow mentally or emotionally or professionally maybe all of them we are opened to more opportunities and we find more solutions.

Every time we set a goal or start a new project we know we will face challenges but knowing that we´re working on something we love, something we enjoy and care about make all those challenges easier to over come and makes the process more exciting.

When we face a challenge that is unrelated to our interests, we don´t like anything about it, there´s nothing we enjoy, it doesn´t align to our purpose or values then every challenge gets more complicated we close ourselves to opportunities and we only see block roads. If there´s nothing that motivates us towards an end result then we won´t have the right mind-set to get over all the challenges and the chances of us failing increase.

All challenges are opportunities to grow, we can learn from failures or we can give up we can find opportunities or we can only see block roads, what determines this is if whether we´re able to find a positive result after completing a challenge, is it aligned to your purpose, to your believes and values? Do you care about it? Is it something you´re interested in? When we´re at school there are lectures or classes tat we´re not really interested in them but we need to take them and those represent a challenge that can lead to stress, since we´re not interested in them it´s harder for us to stay motivated, this also happens in any job where you need to do a project or activity you´re not interested in and you don´t like which makes it really harder to work on it.

What you can do is be patient, the best option is to do something you enjoy doing but for most of us is hard so patience is key. Set small activities you can get done in 45 minutes and work in intervals, concentrate on one activity for 45 minutes and take a 10 to 15 minutes rest. Try to find out something positive you can learn from it, do not stress, let go of all anger, resentment and negative emotions and focus on facing the challenge with a more open mind so you can be opened to more solutions.

When it comes to accidents, injuries, health, death of a loved one you still ne patient, do not over react, practice breathing and meditation exercises to stay calm, write in a piece of paper all your negative thoughts and emotions, let go of all the anger, resentment, injustice and burn that paper when you´re done. Be more optimistic, this means that you accept that things are going bad right now, you accept you´re facing a challenge but you know you´re going to make it pass this challenge, you know that in the future some days, weeks, or months from now everything will be great. Take it one day at a time, what can you do to face this challenge the best way possible? What can you do now to start making progress in a positive way? It can be as simple as breathing.

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