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How to cope with stress at work and school


Unfortunately stress is part of our days and life, most of us live with chronic stress and think it´s normal, we think that´s how we´re supposed to live because when we were growing up that´s what we saw, but this is not true.

Stress is the leading cause of many diseases, or at least it makes everything worse, many visits to the doctor are because of stress. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep we go through many different situations that increase stress, getting up late, being stuck in traffic, going to a place we don´t feel comfortable whether it´s school or our job, working with people we don´t trust and don´t feel comfortable, listening to everything we do wrong whether it´s from our teachers or boss, worrying about everything we need to get done and we don´t have enough time, worrying about how are we going to pay bills, etc.

With all this going on we need to find ways that help us cope with the stress at work or school since we spend a lot of time there, here are some actions you can take:

1.- First you need to know where the stress come from, is there a specific person that makes you feel stressed for whatever reason? Is there a specific moment or situation that makes you feel stressed?

2.- Then you need to be aware of how you respond to that person or that situation and how you feel afterwards. Most of us react in a wrong way like shouting, screaming, we´re rude, disrespectful, we react in a very aggressive way and this only makes us feel worse.

3.- Use strategies or tools that help you remain calm. When you´re under a stressful situation or with a person that increases your stress the best option is to remain calm, for this you need to be aware of your emotions and thoughts and the moment you start feeling anxious or stressed take some deep slow breathes and focus on how everything starts to calm down.

4.- Once you´re calm think about the best way to respond without making the issue worse, if you don´t have to respond or give any answer then do nothing, just stay calm.

5.- Learn to say no and set your limits.- If you don´t set limits then other people will start giving you more work to do whether it´s at school or your job, be aware of how much you can handle and what are your priorities, if you know you can´t handle more work just say no.

6.- Concentrate on one thing at a time.- Many of us try to multitask with the idea to finish more in a short period of time, but this lead to bad results, concentrate on just one thing at a time and give all your attention, this way you´ll actually finish that activity faster and with better results.

7.- Stay away from stressful situations.- Most of us know who are the ones that create conflict and stressful situation at school and work and there are times and moments when we can stay away from them, when this is possible make sure to stay away from this people.

Avoiding stress at all cost is always the best option, but it´s impossible we´re all going to face some bad situations every day. If you´re working in a place where you don´t feel comfortable, where your classmates or coworkers only make fun of you and do their best to bring you down then it will be better to find another job or change school especially if your teachers or boss don´t care about the situation but it´s really hard for most of us to do this so the best option is to find ways to reduce stress.

The 7 points here are really helpful to reduce stress, if you can only focus on one then trying to stay away from people who create conflict then do this as much as possible, the farther away you can stay from them the better. When this is impossible then focus on remaining calm, control your emotions and thoughts and don´t let any outside negativity take control of you.

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