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How to change our mindset about stress

24 How to change our mindset about stress

We talk a lot about mindset, it´s one of the 5 principles of fitness and it has an impact in our life, I´ve seen this in so many people. The ones who have the right mindset, the ones have develop the successful mindset are the ones who achieve more in life, the ones with a wrong mindset are the ones who stay stuck living an average life who spend so much time blaming, criticizing and complaining.

Our mindset is key so we need to develop the right mindset, how we think of stress is how it affects our life, if we think that stress is bad and it can get us suck then we will get sick but if we think that stress has a positive impact then we can make stress work for us so developing the right mindset and changing our thoughts and believes is key but changing thoughts and believes is one of the hardest things to do.

To change our thoughts and believes about stress we need to start by being aware and living in the present moment, when we´re in a stressful situation our body and mind acts according to past experiences and we take decisions based on those experiences and almost all time we make the wrong decision because we are not able to think, we just react instead of taking some time.

If we think about how our body responds in this situations, our heart rate goes up, we start to sweat, our mind creates the most negative situation and also start bringing some related situations from the past, it is at this moment when we need to be aware of all this going on and reframe the situation.

Once we are aware we need to take a time to breathe, breathing technique are incredibly amazing to help us calm down, take 6 deep breathes and you´ll feel your body calming down so you´ll be able to think and make the best choice, once you feel calm you need to start reframing the situation to a positive outlook. What´s the best scenario, start thinking about what´s the best decision you can make that will give you the best results.

When we reframe the situation to a positive outcome we start to find several solutions to our situation, this is hard to do at the beginning because our mind will always bring the negative stuff so we need to work to change that so that it stops thinking about the negative and instead focus on positive results.

This is the best way to deal with stressful situations, when we start doing this it´s easier to believe that stress is not bad and it can actually be helpful, another thing you need to do is remind yourself that stress is good for you and keep repeating this phrase over and over specially during stress.

Repeating over and over again that stress is good for us, that it will help us grow, that something good will come out of all of this our energy changes, if we feel our heart rate up, if we feel anxious and sweaty we can trick our brain saying that we are excited and we´re ready to go, instead of believing that we´re stressed out we can think that we´re excited, this is part of reframing the situation, if we think and really believe that stress can´t harm us we will be able to deal with is and use in the best way, one that work in our favor to get the results we want.

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