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How to breathe mindfully

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We all go through life at 100 miles an hour, we´re living very fast paced times and we don´t take time to stop everything that´s going on outside and just sit, relax and stay calm for a couple of minutes. We just let things keep going around us like a tornado. Are you able to stay on the center calm and relax while everything around you is going crazy?

It doesn´t matter if you´re going through the hardest times of your life or if you´re living the best years of your life, mindful breathing is for all of us, you may have heard of mindful meditation where you focus and concentrate on the now, you bring your mind and your attention to this present moment. You may think that it´s too spiritual, it´s not for you and you´ll never try it, but you can skip the meditation process and stay with the breathing part. Mindful breathing is a key part of mindful meditation.

Mindful breathing improves the physiology and function of your entire body including your heart and brain. When you practice mindful breathing you´re not only able to lower stress but also you improve performance and make better decisions. It´s easier for you to process emotions and come up with more solutions to any situation or problem.

You can start with mindful breathing exercises and as you get better on it take that mindful breathing and add a mind-body training exercise. You can do this by still keeping some of your focus on your breathing patterns and start focusing on your body, how relax and calm you feel, relaxing your muscles and keeping your mind clear of all thoughts. All this helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate, lower stress, it keeps you calm. If you do this exercise in the morning you´ll find out that it´s easier for you to stay calm and maintain your impulses under control so you don´t over react in any situation.

Mindful breathing is all about focusing on your breathe, keeping it slow and control following a certain pattern. Here are some simple steps you can follow for a mindful breathing exercise:

1.- Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes

2.- Direct all your attention to your breathing,

3.- Take a deep breathe in, through your nose for a count of 5

4.- Hold your breathe for a couple of seconds

5.- Exhale slowly, through your mouth for a count of 5

6.- Repeat 5 or 6 times

When you start doing this exercise you´ll need to do it on a quiet place so you can concentrate on what you´re doing, with practice you´ll be able to do this everywhere and in any situation, if for some reason you find yourself in a very stressful situation or you feel anxious, you may had received a terrible news and you feel you start panicking you can do this exercise to calm yourself, and reduce that stress and anxiety so that you can act the best way possible.

Life is hard, we all have good days and bad days, for some of us, some of those bad days can turn into bad weeks or months, in most cases we can turn that around and have just one bad day and don´t let it affect the entire week by how we respond or react to certain situations, some of us make a big deal on even small things so one way to respond as best as possible is to remain calm so that we can think better and make better choices, there are occasions in which the best we can do is just remain calm. Mindful breathing will help with this, the moment you are able to stop for a couple of minutes and just breathe mindfully you´ll find yourself watching all the craziness going on around you while you are able to remain calm and relax.

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