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How stress an diseases are related

stress and diseases

Our lifestyles are the cause of many health problems nowadays, physical and mental and stress is the one causing more damage to us. High levels of stress raise cortisol and it blocks functions in our body this is the reason why we get sick, we can see it when we live very stressful situations, at that moment we feel anxious, we feel our heart rate up and when it´s over it only takes some time for any disease to appear.

This are some diseases highly related to stress:

1.- Headaches.- Most headaches are caused by stress, have you ever stop stopped for a moment to think what caused that headache, a couple of hours before you lived a highly stressful situation or you may have a lot of things to do or you have a problem that you need to solve right now and suddenly the headache appears.

2.- Obesity.- Stress cause cortisol to raise and this causes our body to store fat specially in the belly.

3.- Diabetes.- One of the causes of diabetes is insulin which in most cases is triggered by unhealthy diets but when people with insulin problems and diabetes have high levels of stress their glucose levels raise which causes more problems.

4.- Mental problems.- Depression and anxiety are connected to chronic stress which can come from school or our jobs, how people treat us and how we respond can worsen the problem.

5.- Lack of sleep.- Insomnia, taking too much fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, not getting enough sleep they can all be caused by stress. If we have so many worries in our lives our body is tense and our mind is creating all kind of negative thoughts.

6.- Pain in the body.- If you ever had back or beck pain and you don´t know why it may be stress the one who caused it, tensions and stress increase inflammation and if you spend most time of your day sitting in the same position it limits your movements.

This are 6 of the most common and short term diseases that we all have suffered, this is where all begins and sadly it all can get worse including heart diseases, strokes, shorter lifespan.

We need to reduce stress in our lives and one of the ways to do it is by avoiding stressful environments the problem is that when those environments are places like school or your job is not that easy to avoid them, what we need to do in this case is find ways to manage and reduce that stress so that is doesn´t affect us that much and learn how to respond in some situation will be of help.

Lowering and managing stress is one of the hardest things to do but once you know how to do it you will have more control in any situations over your reactions and emotions.

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