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How stress affects relationships


We know that stress has a negative impact on our relationships, but some relationships can also increase stress making everything worse. It´s a negative vicious cycle that can be very hard to stop.

We all deal with stress every day, we´ve talked about this before, our job, finances, school, traffic, our boss or teachers, coworkers or classmates they´re all part of daily stress and to make it worse there are closer relationships that also increase stress. What happens when something goes wrong with our partner or a loved one?

Some of the things that can create stress in a relationships are different ideas, different perspectives, different habits or routines, different believes and values, finances. This can happen between friends, aunts, uncles, siblings, spouses. But how do you manage to have all this differences and still have a healthy relationship? This is why respect and communication are key in any relationship if we do want to stay together. It´s really important to understand and accept that we´re all different, we´ve all gone through different situations that made us who we are today, all those experiences make us see the world and everything that happens from a particular perspective and all this differences make us who we are.

When there´s something wrong going on in a relationship we start seeing more disagreements and create distance which only makes everything worse increasing tension and stress.

What you can do to improve the situation is listen and try to understand the other, listen to their perspective and point of view, for this we need to accept that we´re all different and we´re all going to react and respond differently to stressful situations this is why the first step is to listen with an open mind to really understand the other. Then find ways to be supportive, in some cases people are not looking for a real answer or solution to their problems, sometimes they just want to be listened and feel they are appreciated. If there´s something you don´t agree with then being respectful about their opinion, perspective and point of view is so important, from there find a place of mutual agreement between both can work wonders.

We all have some close friends or family members that are so rude and disrespectful, and even when you try your best to talk with them and get to a mutual agreement or at least a place of respect they won´t cooperate. They never support you, they make fun of you, they try to bring you down or maybe they ignore you. In this case the best step here is to stay away from them. If they´re trying to bring you down there´s no reason to be close to them or to try to find common ground, if they don´t support you there´s no reason to be sharing your goals or dreams with them, they´ll always find a way to bring you down and make fun of you.

You need to accept that some of the people you know, friends and family will only be there in the good times, the fun part of life but they´ll disappear when you need them most, there are others who maybe doesn´t appear that often but are the ones who show up when you need someone more, make sure to find out who they are and work on keeping them close to you, make sure that when they need someone you are there too, and there are others who just doesn´t appear on your life neither on good times or bad times.

It´s hard to find out that those who you thought where your friends and you thought you can count on are the first ones to disappear, but it´s good to know who really matters, do not waist time with the ones who disappeared or were never there, it doesn´t matter if they are friends or family, being blood related doesn´t meant you need to stay close to them or consider them. Try to stay away from people who doesn´t support or want to bring you down.

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