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How sleep helps with muscle growth

07 sleep and muscle growth

I´ve seen many guys working so hard in the gym with a lot of volume and frequency but not giving the same attention and importance to sleep. Our body recovers while we sleep so if you want to gain muscle you need to have the right amount and quality of sleep every night.

If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass then you need to prioritize sleep and make sure that it´s good quality.

Even if you have are following the best training and nutrition program sleep is still a most, your body and muscles need to recover after you hit the gym and sleep is a crucial part of recovery. Growth hormone is key to build muscle and it´s released while you sleep, the cycles or phases of sleep impacts the release of this hormone, if you have bad sleep or you wake up growth hormone won´t be at its max which minimizes the results.

I´ve seen many people that want to gain lean muscle mass taking a lot of supplements from protein shakes, weight gainers, multivitamin, fish oils and drugs like steroids (you know by now that I don´t recommend any of this) but they don´t consider stress and sleep. You need to give your muscles the right stimulus for them to grow and then you need to give them the right amount of recovery, the best recovery time is sleep.

If you lack sleep your body won´t use the food you consume throughout the day to get daily functions done and assist in muscle recover and growth. It also affects negatively your performance in the gym, you need to give your all on each workout if you want to grow but a lack of energy and not being recover compromise your workouts and overall results.

Lack of good quality sleep can cause muscle loss and weight gain from fat, an easy way to keep things under control is with sleep. You need to eat more to grow but if your body can´t handle the extra food properly you´ll gain fat instead of muscle.

When you get good quality sleep you feel more energized so your workouts are intense and you are able to stay focused so it´s easier to maintain your eyes on the goal.

If your goal is lean muscle mass with the least amount of fat sleep can help you keep fat low while increasing muscle, it is crucial that you have control and your body works in an efficient way. All hormones, neurons, chemicals, neurotransmitters they all get triggered what you need to do is use them to send the right messages and to work to your favor.

Having good quality sleep can be affected by different things including stress and this can cause that you wake up during night. Your sleep has 3 phases and during those phases your body has several functions and things to do, if you wake up you interrupt those functions. If the internal clock of your body and its functions gets out of rhythm your body won´t recover, repair and reenergize for the next day.

What you eat before you go to bed impacts not only the quality of your sleep, also your recovery. Protein is crucial for muscle repair and muscle growth, when you go to sleep your body turns to a catabolic state so if you have a protein before you go to bed you can increase protein synthesis and maintain your body in an anabolic phase for a longer period of time. The benefits of this is that you are giving your body nutrients to recover and build muscle before you sleep so it can get the job done in a more efficient way.

Fat loss and muscle growth is simple but you need discipline, consistency and work on the 5 elements of fitness. The right training combined with proper nutrition, enough quality sleep, low stress and the right mindset is what´s going to give you the best results.

There are some simple things you can do every day to improve the quality of your sleep and also to change and develop good habits that help you achieve your goals in a simple way and live a better life.

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