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How sleep can help you with fat loss

06 sleep and fat loss

If you´ve been trying to lose weight, you´ve been following the right program but you find it hard to stick to the diet, you don´t feel like working out and you don´t see results, the problem may in your sleep.

Sleep has more to do with fat loss than what you can think about. Lack of sleep increases ghrelin and lowers leptin this are two important hormones that make it harder for you to stick to a low calorie diet. Ghrelin increases appetite so if you didn´t sleep right ghrelin increases so you are hungry most of the time and leptin tells you when it´s enough food and you can stop eating so if you don´t get good sleep it gets lower and it won´t send you signals to know when it´s enough food.

With this two hormones sending the wrong messages it is so easy to over eat and most of that food will be sweets and junk which is the one we tend to crave more leading to weight gain. It´s not that you are doing something wrong is just that lack of sleep makes it harder for you to have control on what you eat and how much you eat and it lowers your energy and focus this is why you don´t feel like working out and you skip workouts.

Enough good quality sleep every night make fat loss a lot more easier, you don´t have to follow strict low calorie diets that can be counterproductive in the long run, there´s no reason to want to be perfect in one or two of the fitness elements if you don´t consider the other 3. You can follow a good diet based on real foods, a right training program focused on progressive overload get your mindset right, have enough good quality sleep and lower stress. All this together is what´s going to give you the results you want.

The problem with sleep is that it affects the other 4 elements, good quality sleep makes it easier for you to stick with your diet, you have more energy to workout and you are focused on your goals, it is harder to make bad decisions but just one night of bad sleep will affect your program at least for that day and if you chronic sleep problems the consequences are bigger.

Bad sleep also changes you fat cells, your metabolism slows you become insulin resistant and with this you end up storing fat in your body instead of using it for fuel. Your body simply don´t work how it´s supposed to work, if we think about it as a whole just the fact of bad sleep triggers the wrong hormones and send the wrong message so your metabolism slows down, you are insulin resistant plus you eat more unhealthy foods and in general you eat more, your workouts lack intensity and you may skip some of them, you are in a bad mood with low energy and not able to focus which creates more stress on your body and your mind is not where it´s supposed to be.

When you´re trying to lose weight you need to focus on losing fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible, with adequate amounts of sleep you make sure that most of the weight you lose is fat, it´s possible that if you´re following a low calorie diet and you´re working out you´ll lose weight but the weight loss can be fat, water and muscle. If you are not getting enough good sleep and you are losing weight the chances of you losing some fat, muscle and water increase compared to when you get enough sleep.

Even when fat loss comes down to eating less and doing resistance training focusing on progressive overload if you want to make your fat loss journey easier you need enough good quality sleep every night, this will keep all systems and hormones of your body working efficiently and you´ll find it easier to stay in a calorie deficit and with healthy foods.

The 5 elements of fitness are important and most be consider to achieve any fitness goal but this is meant to be something bigger, if you work on all of them you will live a better life more effortlessly and you´ll be able to get in shape and stay in shape without making everything harder than it really is.

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