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How sleep and fitness are related

03 Sleep and fitness

In fitness what you do in the gym is important but what you do outside is also important to get the best results as fast as possible.

One night of poor quality sleep reduces your results it doesn´t matter what your goal is. When you sleep your body recovers and build muscle so without good sleep your body can´t recover and grow. Growth hormone is an important hormone here it is the responsible for maintaining and building muscle mass, when we sleep our body produces this hormone during sleep and it can be the cause of muscle loss and slow metabolism.

Exercise is a great tool to improve sleep, if for any reason you don´t get enough good quality you won´t see results. Our body has an internal clock and it helps it schedule all functions running on time. If we change something of its schedule everything gets out of rhythm and the imbalance create a lot f negative effects on our health.

The benefits of working out are a lot and amazing but the times of the day in which you workout can also affect your sleep patterns, if you exercise right before going to bed you won´t fall asleep, you can do some physical activity a couple hours before going to sleep and it can help you sleep better.

Things like energy drinks or caffeine can give you a bust when you need whether you need it to finish work or to give you an extra push and focus for your workout but in the long run this are not the best option, you become dependent on them, every time you´ll need more and more and your body won´t be as efficient without them.

Working out in the morning is the ideal option, you can train hard and it makes you feel good and stay focused throughout the day and it also primes your body to have good sleep at night. Getting sun in the morning helps your body identify between morning, day at night improving the schedule. Working out in the morning and outside give you both benefits.

Lack of sleep also impacts your workouts if you don´t get enough sleep you won´t be focused, you´ll get fatigue faster and you lack energy which can cause injuries, but if you have good quality sleep you have a lot more energy, you´ll be focused and your body is totally recovered to hit the gym so it´s easier to keep making progress and this keeps you motivated when you see results day in and day out.

After a hard training session your body needs to recover so you need to give it the nutrients it needs which means you need to eat real food and you need good quality sleep to recover properly, if you don´t have enough sleep you´ll compromise your results by not recovering properly and by eating too much of the wrong foods.

Another thing to consider is your mindset, you need to have the right attitude and the right mindset to achieve anything in you want in life, lack of sleep gets you in bad mood, you feel lazy and tired so you don´t want to hit the gym and if you workout you won´t be training as hard as you can and you can get injured, it´s a lot harder to stick with healthy foods because cravings appear and you are hungry.

Going to sleep at the same time every day and waking up at the same time, working out in the morning every day and getting sun every morning helps your body understand and set its internal clock called natural circadian rhythm, in the long run this gives you a lot of benefits for your health and you´ll see you are more productive throughout your day and more focused.

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