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How simplicity improves your life

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Living a simple life nowadays can be though, we are use to giving too much attention and spending so much time on things that don´t deserve it. If you live in a big city then you have a tone of options, opportunities and entertainment but all this options become noise, distractions and stress.

Living a simple life means keeping what´s essential and using your time and energy on the things that matter most to you while eliminating and avoiding all other stuff. This way of living helps you live a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Living a simple life will get you positive results on all areas:

1.- It improves your relationships. Spending more time with your partner and focusing more on them will makes them feel like they matter to you, and you´ll learn a lot more about each other. Communication improves which is key to make any relationship work. This applies to any relationships including friends and family.

2.- Improves your finances. Most of us buy a lot of stuff that we don´t need so when you simplify your life you just buy what you need so you´ll be buying less and expending less money.

3.- Improves your health. Health is a priority and when you simplify your life by thinking on your health first then you stop buying unhealthy, highly processed foods and focus on healthy, whole, fresh ingredients. You´ll see that you eat less and with time cravings decrease so you spend less money.

4.- Improves productivity. When you decide to simplify your life you´ll need to take some stuff out of your house and office and since you are buying just what you need it´s easier to keep everything clean and in place which leads to increase focus and productivity.

When you start living a simple life you feel more on control and all areas of your life start improving so with time this reduces stress.

For you it may be hard to realize that living a simple life will make you happy, material things don´t lead to a happy life on the long run. Every material thing you buy gives you happiness for a short period of time. The only things that brings happiness and make it last is progress and experiences.

There are some steps you can follow to start simplifying your life and it all starts with your values, when you know your values, what matters more to you, what you stand for then creating a simple life is easy. The steps you can take are:

1.- Clean your house. This includes your wardrobe, office and make sure to take out all things you don´t use,

2.- Focus on time and experiences over material stuff.

3.- Learn to say no. If you get asked to do something or get involved in a project that doesn´t go according to your values just say no.

You need to consider your values when you go through this 3 steps, you just need to ask yourself if all this stuff goes according to your values and from there decide whether you need it or not.

Clarity also helps when you want to live a simple life, when you know your values, what you stand for and when you are clear on what you want to achieve then you just make sure that every decision aligns with those values and goals.

Simplicity is all about concentrating on what matters most to you and not giving attention to other stuff.

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