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Harmonize Fitness

How our thoughts create our reality

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Most of us have a lot of dreams, some of them are really big while others are small and when someone ask me how they can make their dreams a reality my answer is this: you need to take that big dream and set it as your ultimate goal, divide it into small monthly and weekly goals, create a plan of action and follow it. This is the active part but your mind needs to be right, what you think of most of the time is what we attract.

Most of us spend most of our time thinking on what we don´t want, even when you take some time every day to read affirmations or visualize your goals this is not enough if the rest of the day you are thinking of the opposite. The problem is our subconscious mind as long as your subconscious mind is stock in a negative way of thinking and the wrong mindset you´ll stay where you are.

Everything you see in your real life was first a thought, everything is created first in our mind then we come with ideas to take that thought and bring into the real world. This is easier said than done, your mindset, your thoughts, feelings and emotions they all need to be in harmony and you need to act so that you achieve your goals.

Since we are born we are programmed by society, friends, family, school, media to live a certain way and this program full of negativity and lack thoughts are stored in our subconscious this is why we keep living the same way year after year. This is why if you are struggling financially even when your goal is to get a better job and earn more money you can be doing all the visualization and affirmation exercises you want but if you don´t change the program running in your subconscious you won´t make any progress.

What we need to do is reprogram the mind, change the thoughts that are running on our subconscious to go according to our goals and the life we want to live. The way to do this is by repetition, yes we need to use tools like visualization but to make that mental image work we need to first calm the mind. Our mind is always working, it never stops, it´s always thinking so if you don´t work on calming it first you won´t be able to focus on what you really want.

Our mind is always creating the worst scenarios possible for any situation, we´ve been programmed to think negatively the entire time so when you start making changes it gets though.

Repetition is key so yes you need to change your thoughts patterns and the programs that are playing on your mind right now, to change them you need to visualize your goals and affirmations but it is important that your mind is calm when you do this. To calm your mind you need to use breathing and meditation techniques, you can start with breathing and go into meditation once you are relaxed and your mind is calm, then you can start visualizing your goal and putting as much feelings and emotions. This is when great things start to happen.

Now that you are training your mind you know that is not only about thinking positive thoughts, the energy and vibration you are key, you can be thinking positive thoughts but deep inside you feel fear, anger or doubt so your energy and vibration are not in harmony with your thoughts.

When you breath and meditate to calm and relax your mind and body you are able to get your thoughts, feelings and emotions in harmony once you achieve harmony and you put the time and work needed that is when the magic happens.

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