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How our jobs are making us sick

24 How our lifestyle is making it harder

We´ve all heard that we need to get a 9 to 5 job and live for the pay check until we retire. For most of us this jobs are creating so may health problems.

Doing something you don´t like is stress, if you have a 9 to5 job and you don´t like what you do you´re living with stress plus the stress that comes from dealing with coworkers, your boss and a lot of work you need to do. That job is not only making you fat but also killing you and the reason is not that you spend most of the time in a desk job and you´ve become more sedentary (yes it´s part of some the pounds you´ve gained but not all). Stress is what´s causing most of the problems.

What I´ve seen is that most people is so worried on being fired that they spend most of their time thinking and focused on all the job they haven´t finished, the meetings, the problems with coworkers, their bosses never like what they do so they never have time for themselves.

The truth is your company or the place you work is not interested in you or your health, they´re interested in the money and numbers. This creates fear and worry in all employees which create terrible work environments. Those 9 to 5 jobs are long hours of high demanding effort that make us feel overwhelmed. 

If the environment you work in is toxic, negative and stressful this is what creates most of the problems, you may be doing something you don´t like but you like the place where you work, you feel comfortable with what you do, the relationship with your boss and coworkers is great so you are actually doing great. Even if you don´t like what you do or you would prefer to do something different you still wake up every morning excited to get to your job because you like the environment. If you like what you do but the your coworkers are always making fun of you, you´re being bullied, the relation with your boss is terrible it seems that he hates everything you do you are under too much stress even if you like what you do. If you like what you do and you like the place where you work then you are in paradise. It´s so hard to find a job that you actually love doing and that you love the work place and environment, where you have great relation with your boss and coworkers.

If you have so much things to do you´re focused the entire day on your job even when you are out of the office you are still thinking on all the things you need to get done, it´s like if you were a prisoner, you arrive on time and don´t go out for lunch you even work double shift, your boss watch every move, and don´t forget the time you spend to go from your home to your job and back again every single day.

If it´s not enough all the stress caused every day at the office you get home and you are worried about how you´re going to make it through the next pay check or the fear of being fired cause lack of sleep which increase cravings for unhealthy foods, you can´t focus on the task at hand, you´re not motivated, etc. And what most of us do? We give in to stress, since we were kids we´ve seen our moms, dads and almost every one living like this so we think it´s normal and that´s how we´re meant to live.

We know from other posts about the effects stress have on health by triggering certain hormones and neurotransmitters. Now this is how sitting in a desk job is also a problem, most of us have unhealthy habits so if your coworkers have bad eating habits chances are you´ll follow their lead so you go and grab something from the vending machine and if you have time for lunch you may get fast or processed food, if you don´t have time you´ll stick with the vending machine. So yes you are more sedentary, you spend most of your time sitting, when you need to go to another floor you take the elevator and you eat almost unhealthy food. Even when this is a problem if you can manage stress you´ll be able to react in a more positive way in your day and you can start changing this negative habits for good ones.

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