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How our emoionts affect our reality

18 How positivity lowers stress

Welcome back to our site! You may be asking what is all this about emotions and creating the life you want so keep reading…

We´ve all heard about the Law of Attraction and we´ve all heard so many time that it doesn´t work and for some people it do work. Many people talk about thoughts and creating a mental image in our mind of our goal but not so many talk about emotions and how this is the secret to achieving our goals.

Our thoughts and emotions need to be in harmony if we want to attract something to our life or manifest (I don´t really like this terms of attracting or manifesting, I´ll tell you why later to get deeper). We may be visualizing a clear image in our mind of our goal which is sending a frequency but we may be sending a complete different frequency through our emotions and this creates noise, we´re sending 2 different and maybe opposing frequencies or energies and that´s why we don´t achieve our goals.

In the last post we learnt how to change our beliefs and thoughts now that we have the right beliefs and thoughts and that we a aware most our day we need to start working on our emotions. All negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, resentment, revenge are very low frequency. We spend too much time feeling this emotions and that´s what we attract, every time we get mad, angry, frustrated and start fighting or disagreeing with someone we are allowing this emotions to take control of us. There are 3 positive emotions that we need to focus on which are:

1.- Gratitude

2. Love

3. Joy

This 3 positive emotions carry a high frequency and this will not only make us feel good, we start attracting positive situations and people to our life, suddenly our life improves in all areas. When we feel this positive emotions over and over and over we are elevating our frequency and it attracts situations and stuff that make us feel those emotions, when we combine those emotions with our goals it´s a lot easier for us to achieve them.

There´s less resistance and it feels like everything is falling into place and we are in the right path so we get more motivated to put the time and effort needed towards our goal until we get the results.

If we are able to live with those 3 emotions all the time, the entire day our life will be completely different, for this to happen we need to be aware at the beginning to change our thoughts and emotions every time we´re feeling a negative one until positivity becomes a part of us. We get to a point where we´re loving and enjoying every single moment of our lives, we´re living the present and we are grateful for all the amazing stuff coming to us.

It doesn´t matter where you are or what you are doing right now, take a couple of minutes to think about everything you are grateful for and think about everything and everyone you love, feel the love and gratitude in all your body. Now try to maintain those amazing feelings for the rest of your day and tomorrow when you wake up do this little exercise.

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