Harmonize Fitness
Harmonize Fitness

How one of the 4 principles of fitness can pull you back


When it comes to weight loss most people only talk about diet and exercise and even when both are important sleep and stress also play a huge role. If you´re following your diet and exercise program but you´re not getting results and you don´t know why then it may one of this 2 principles is holding you back.

If you´ve been following me on social media and reading the posts then you know by now that weight loss is a lot more about making sure that your hormones and metabolism are working properly and then you eat a little less and exercise the right way. All this combined make weight loss really simple and easier. So exercise and diet do play a role but are only one piece of the puzzle, the type of exercise you do can benefit you or it can have a negative impact especially for maintaining your results, your foods choices can also benefit you or impact your progress negatively. What you eat and when you eat plays a huge role on hormones and metabolism, the right food choices will have a positive impact slowly improving the way both work and with time making it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off.

There are 2 other principles that if you don´t work on them they can block your results and most of us do not give them the attention the deserve, they are sleep and stress. They both have an impact on hormones, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can make you insulin resistant plus all hormones get out of harmony, leptin and ghrelin won´t be functioning properly so you´ll feel hungry throughout the day and you´ll have more cravings and it will be harder to get pass those cravings and hunger so you end up eating more.

Stress not only increases cortisol, stress affects other hormones and almost your entire body, we know that when we´re on a stressful situation the fight or flight response activates which increases cortisol, adrenaline, our heart rate increases, blood flow and energy go to our limbs so that we can run or fight all this produces changes on our gut and how we digest food, this is why some very few people focus on being calm and relax before eating any meal.

We know that stress lead to poor quality sleep, increases cravings which all lead to eating more especially unhealthy foods or at least it makes it harder to stay on track. Even when you have a huge will power and are able to stay on track with your diet and exercise the impact that lack or poor quality sleep has on hormones and metabolism and the impact that stress has on your gut is enough to stop you from losing weight. Is enough for your body to say and think that there´s a lot of negative stuff going on that losing weight is not important (weight loss is not important for your body at any moment).

Working on the 4 principles of fitness is key, even when you are able to stay on track with your diet and exercise the negative impact to your hormones with one night of poor sleep and stress will block your results or possibly make you gain weight. The hardest part here is that most of us live with chronic stress, we think it´s normal and that´s how life is meant to be but it´s not, most of us work in a place where we don´t feel comfortable and safe and we don´t like what we do so the best option would be to do something you love and enjoy in a place, office or team where you feel comfortable, I know this isn´t possible for most of us so what you can do is take a couple of minutes every day before you go to sleep to meditate or if you don´t like meditation just do some breathing exercises, the goal is to focus your mind completely on your breathe and relaxing all your muscles and body, this will help lower stress and also improves sleep. For sleep going to sleep at the same time every day and waking up at the same time is really beneficial to help you get enough high quality sleep and make sure everything is working on harmony.

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